Pro Sport Fisher

Pro Sportfisher flytying system is a mix of our own innovative unique designs, and a carefully picked selection of what we think is the best materials in the flytying industry. The Selection of Flytying material will rapidly expand.
The innovative Pro tubefly systemTM have since its introduction in 2007, gained followers every day all over the world. With more than 8 million tube components sold in 3 years, we have es- tablished our tube series as the benchmark in the tubefly tying segment.
Everything in our system is specially designed to give the tyer maximum flexibillity and high- est possible quality across the entire system. Everything fits each other to very close toler- ances, and the time where you had to pull the
tubing to get the cone on, or even drill the cone to get the hole big enough to fit the tubing is a thing of the past. Just take it out of the bag and mount it any way you like. With the selection of our revolutionary one piece injection moulded tubes or the new Pro Tube Classic series of ex- truded tubes you are well equipped to tie any kind of flies from brook trout or steelhead to monster baitfish flies for sailfish, shark etc.
High quality hair and fur is being added to the program for the fall season 2012, as well as spe- cialized tungsten products.
From the custom profiled tubes to the handpol- ished coneheads we offer you high end prod- ucts, for you to let your inner flydesigner go crazy and make the perfect fly for your fishing.

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