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Sale Airflo Sixth Sense 2019
Airflo Sixth Sense Vliegvislijn: als echte meesters van zinkende lijn technologie houd Airflo zijn n..
€ 64,90 € 39,95
Airflo 40+ Extreme
The Airflo Forty Plus Lines has an easy loading 35′ head and low diameter running line. Ask..
€ 64,99
Airflo 40+ Sniper
Airflo Forty Plus Sniper Line is based on a shorter version of our 40+ line with its easy casting co..
€ 64,99
Airflo Chard's Tropical punch
Using the latest materials technology the newest, Tropical fly line from Airflo really packs a punch..
€ 64,99
Airflo Depthfinder
Without doubt the toughest, most durable fast sinking head on the market today. Our new improved sea..
€ 64,99
Airflo Elbi Pike
Specs on the new Airflo Elbi Pike Lines designed by Gareth Jones and Peter Elberse: 40lb powercore, ..
€ 69,90
Airflo Forge
Not just another fly line! With all the fly lines on the market today, it’s often a case ..
€ 39,99
Airflo Forge Salt
Saltwater fly fishing doesn’t have to break the bank. The new Airflo Forge Salt takes desig..
€ 39,99
Airflo Sixth Sense
Airflo Sixth sense fly lines have proved their worth on the competition scene time and time again; a..
€ 64,99
Airflo Sixth Sense pike
The latest pike flyline on the market. This WF9/10 sink 7 line had the same taper and core as the o..
€ 69,90
Airflo Velocity
A perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. With its user friendly ta..
€ 27,50
Sale Airflo Super-Dri Xceed
Airflo SuperDri Xceed All-Round Vliegvislijn: Airflo's baanbrekende technologie met de SuperDri ..
€ 62,95 € 44,95
Sale Airflo Skagit Compact G2
In 2007 zette de originele Skagit Compact al het vissen op Steelhead en Zalm op zijn kop in de ..
€ 49,95 € 39,95
Airflo Bonefish Super-DRI™
De Airflo Super-Dri Ridge Bonefish vliegvislijn is een ongelooflijke stap vooruit voor de technologi..
€ 64,90
Airflo Tarpon Super-DRI™
Airflo Super-DRI™ Tropical Tarpon Flyline: de gedachte om grote haken te zetten in de grote ha..
€ 64,90

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