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C&F 2 in 1 Hair stacker
A medium-sized stacker for adjusting the length of fibres used in streamers etc. Sleek 3-piece..
€ 50,90
C&F 2 in 1 Hair stacker medium
The biggest brother in our Stacker lineup. Ideal for evening up the material tips for big streamers...
€ 63,90
C&F 2 in 1 Whipfinisher
A cleverly designed whip finisher that will greatly improve the way you finish off your flies. ..
€ 36,90
C&F 3 in 1 Dubbing brush
A multi-purpose dubbing needle that comes with an integrated brush and half-hitcher. Needle: A s..
€ 31,90
C&F 3 in 1 half hitcher
A clever tool that makes finishing up flies lightning quick. Clever 3-tip design for any hook ..
€ 27,90
C&F 3 in 1 nail knot tool
A combo tool that consist of a splicing needle for threading leader into the fly line, amagnet for f..
€ 15,90
C&F Bobbin holder
C&F bobbin holder Optimized bobbin weight helps keep tension on material during tying Te..
€ 48,90
C&F Dubbing twister plus
 A handy dubbing twister that is perfectly suited for nymphs and streamers. Suitable for ..
€ 23,90
C&F Extended body coat
A coating for extended bodies that will extend the life of your fly considerably and keep it floatin..
€ 4,90
C&F Extended body twister
Revolutionary tool to make extended bodies. Mandrels of 3 sizes to suit most fly needs (S,M and L) ..
€ 42,90
C&F Fly pitch trout
An innovative stand for organized tying or for displaying finished flies. Three Micro Slit Foa..
€ 56,90
C&F Hair stacker X-small
The smallest brother in our Stacker lineup. Ideal for evening up the material tips for small trout f..
€ 29,90
C&F Magnetic hook pallet
Magnetic Pallet for Standard Hooks. For slim and effective hook stock organization 12/18/6 m..
€ 21,90
C&F Rotary hackle plier
A swiveling hackle pliers that shares the same head as CFT-120 The best plier on the market ..
€ 48,90
C&F Rotary twister plus
An extremely versatile tool for twisting dubbing in loops. Pro quality twister employing a lar..
€ 51,90
C&F spare bobbin threaders
For quickly and safely feeding tying thread into bobbins. Designed for CFT-60 and CFT-61 serie..
€ 10,90
C&F Stainless tying comb
This comb is perfect for brushing wooly fibres/underfur out of wing materials. Also, a great tool fo..
€ 26,90

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