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Thomas and Thomas Contact

Thomas and Thomas new Contact series nymph rods transfer every vibration from fly to fingertips. Extremely light-weight and responsive rods. To feel what’s happening below the surface is a breathtaking sensation. Contact rods utilize T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm resin, resulting in extremely light-weight and responsive rods that maintain superb durability and strength.
Flexible but quick-dampening rod tips nearly eliminate shock waves in the leader after each cast, allowing flies to track smoothly into the water, improving strike detection on immediate reaction bites. All Contact rods feature a strategic taper that generates positive hook-setting tension with minimal rod sweep, permitting anglers to effectively fish an increased range of rod positions and angles and cover more water with less wading.


  • Special taper for modern nymphing techniques
  • Loads of feedback and feeling for bite detection and precise drifts
  • StratoTherm resin- and curing processes
  • Fast recovery, low swing weight and vibrations
  • Perfect dampening to protect light tippets
  • Machined aluminum reel seat with wooden spacer
  • Flor-grade cork handle with small fighting butt
  • Delivered in a high quality aluminum rod tube and rod sock
1022-4 3 10,2 ft (3,10 m) Half Wells / Fighting Butt
1083-4 3 10,8 ft (3,25 m) Half Wells / Fighting Butt
1133-4 3 11,3 ft (3,43 m) Half Wells / Fighting Butt
1084-4 4 10,8 ft (3,25 m) Half Wells / Fighting Butt

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