Chenille and braid

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Catgut Large
Catgut Large: we have the pleasure to offer you one of the best fly tying material used in tying nym..
€ 1,89
Catgut Medium
Catgut Medium: we have the pleasure to offer you one of the best fly tying material used in tying ny..
€ 1,89
Cactus Chenille 6mm
Cactus Chenille is a chenille with pearlescent fibers which make it sparkle. Great for Steelhea..
€ 2,49
Textreme Round Chenille is the bulked polyester version of the classic chenille in rayon viscose. Ma..
€ 1,90
Krystal Flash Chenille
This chenille is made with Hareline's Krystal Flash and will create great fish-catching bodies o..
€ 3,95
Medium UV Polar Chenille
This UV hued fly tying chenille has medium size loose fibers that undulate in the water like marabou..
€ 3,95
Speckled Chenille
Speckled Chenille: this is a regular chenille with added flash from Hareline. When flies are tied wi..
€ 3,49
UV2 Chenille
Super cool Chenille with some flash and with UV2 from Spirit River. Key colors infused with UVF and ..
€ 3,95
Pearl Diamond Braid
Wound like chenille, this braid has many reflective surfaces with pearlescent tones to give the fly ..
€ 2,95
Flat Diamond Braid
This Flat Diamond Braid from Hareline will lie flat on your hook, shank or tube. It's perfect fo..
€ 3,75
Hareline Cactus Chenille
Hareline has the best medium cactus chenille there is. The flashy pearlecent fibers add sparkle to a..
€ 3,75
Micro Cactus Chenille
It is the Cactus Chenille’s thinnest version ever made, now available on spools. Suited for ma..
€ 2,50

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