Quality feathers for fly tying, at Qflyshop we always search for the best fly tying products we can find. Resulting in top quality materials we like to tie with ourselfs!

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Fish Hunter Marabou
Fish Hunter Marabou: the very best Marabou for fly tying in the world comes from Fish Hunter USA. Bu..
€ 3,90
Fish Hunter Pheasant Rump Patch
A ​Ringneck Rump Patch is the full patch off the back end of the Ringneck Pheasant. These Patches fr..
€ 11,95
Fish Hunter Strung Ringneck
Strung Ringneck Pheasant rump hackle from Fish Hunter is great for when you only need a small amount..
€ 4,95
Marabou XL
Large XL marabou feathers, much larger than the 'normal' strung marabou. ..
€ 2,95
UV2 Goose Biots Hot Fluo Orange
The Ultimate Goose Biots for tying Buzzer cheeks! These UV2 Goose Biots Hot Fluo Orange are sim..
€ 3,75
Fine Barred Marabou
The NEW Fine Black Barred Marabou by Hareline Dubbin is one of the coolest fly tying materials on th..
€ 5,95
Rhea Feathers
Our Rhea Super Spey Feathers are the best quality you will find in Europe. These are large feat..
€ 8,95
UV2 Marabou XL
Add a little UV to your winter steelhead flies with this UV dyed marabou from Spirit River. ..
€ 3,95
UV2 Peacock Herl
Though darker colors do not fluoresce, our peacock does emit the UVR ultra violet wave lengths. Make..
€ 3,95
Guinea Fowl Feathers
Guinea fowl feathers Large guinea fowl feathers in 12 amazing colors. We use these large feathers..
€ 5,50
Ultra Selected Dyed CDC
CDC Feathers from Troutline Ultra Selected Dyed CDC feathers - all our CDC  feathers( know..
€ 5,49
Barred Intruder Plumes
The intruder is probably the most known Steelhead fly out there, with a large profile and very live ..
€ 12,95
Lady Amherst Center Tails
Full sized, large quality Lady Amherst centertail Pheasant Feathers! ( 80-85cm! ) dyed in the most a..
€ 18,95

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