Beads, Discs and Cones

The best Beads, UFO discs, Drainer discs and Hybridcone for tube flies mabe by FutureFly

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Drainer Disc 6 mm
6mm Drainer disc from FutureFly designed to give the materials better movement in the water and beca..
€ 4,75
Drainer disc 8mm
The FF Drainer Disc is the first of its kind to be seen on the Flytying market, its made out of bras..
€ 4,75
Hybrid Cone 8 mm
The 8mm Hybrid cone from FutureFly is a rather large cone and best used on large patterns in the 8-1..
€ 4,75
Predator Cone 10mm
They are 10mm and have a holesize in 4,7mm, so they fit perfectly on the Predator Tubes wich are 4,6..
€ 5,95
UFO Disc 4.5mm  Nano
The Nano UFO disc from FutureFly is a very small 4.5mm disc for tube flies. These Nano discs are gre..
€ 4,50
UFO Disc 6 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 6mm 10pcs ..
€ 4,50
UFO Disc 8 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 8mm The 8mm UFO has a hole of 3,1mm so they are used only with the 3mm outertu..
€ 4,50

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