Glue Varnish Wax

Glue, varnish and wax for fly tying

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Loctite Brush On
The Brush On version of Loctite is the same a the one from Zap a Gap. It's a waterproof super gl..
€ 4,99
Loon Hard Head Black
Loon Hard Head Black Features Thick head cement Dries hard and with a high gloss Odor f..
€ 7,95
Loon Hard Head Clear
Description Never mix epoxy again! Loon Hard Head Clear is an odorless, non-toxic and thick head ..
€ 7,95
Loon High Tack Swax
Description Dubbing wax with a extra tack added; perfect for applying dubbing to the finest of th..
€ 5,75
Zap a Gap Bottle
The regular version we use for almost everything! no more varnish... just use Zap A GAp instead! b..
€ 5,25
Aquasure 2x 7gr
The best coating or glue for all your loops on fly lines, shooting head Skagit heads etc. is Aquasur..
€ 11,95
Loon UV Knot Sense
With Loon UV Knot Sense you can smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots immediately. After appli..
€ 8,95

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