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Groovy Bunny Strips
The NEW rabbit zonkers from Hareline. White micro rabbit strips with streaks of 2 colors, then toppe..
€ 5,90
Groovy Bunny Strips
The NEW Groovy Bunny Strips from Hareline. White rabbit strips with streaks of 2 colors, t..
€ 5,90
Micro Pulsator Strips
These Micro Pulsator Strips are a variation of the Micro Rabbit Strips from Hareline. They are tiger..
€ 5,90
Rabbit Strips Black Barred
Barred Rabbit Strips for fly tying are cut from grade A quality skins and are the best rabbit strips..
€ 5,90
Rabbit Zonker Strips
These normal size Rabbit strips from Hareline are cut from grade A quality skins and are the best Ra..
€ 3,90
Rabbit Two Toned Strips
Two toned Rabbit zonker strips cut from grade A quality skins, these are the best Rabbit strips on t..
€ 3,90
Rabbit Strips Crosscut
These are cut across the grain of the hide. This is the choice for winding the hide around a hook sh..
€ 3,90
Rabbit Strips Micro
Perfect cut micro zonkers for tying flies. Steelhead, Trout or Tarpon these micro rabbit strips will..
€ 3,90
American Opossum
US Opossum We love the FutureFly US Opossum skins, the hair is long and soft combine that with ve..
€ 13,95
Futurefly Nutria
Futurefly Nutria is an amazing fly tying materials for both lightdressed Salmon flies and all kind o..
€ 13,95
Marble Fox
Marble Fox is soft, but not to soft. The hair lenght is between 8-11cm and some up to 15cm. The best..
€ 7,95
Supreme Goat
FF Supreme Goat is a very high qaulity goat for sunrays and other flies that need a long wing. No bu..
€ 4,95
Top quality Bucktails for fly tying! These are large American bucktails from Fish Hunter, the very b..
€ 6,75
This crinkled solid hair is translucent when wet and is very popular for steelhead fly wings.  ..
€ 4,95
Hare Mask
We also have Hare masks in stock! for those looking for that special color hare or doesn't want ..
€ 5,95
Hare Naturel & Dyed
The possibilities are endless, from nymphs and emergers to dries and small streamers hare is an amaz..
€ 16,95
Deer Belly Hair
This Deer Belly Hair is bleeched and than deyed in fibrant colors. The hair is ideal for spinni..
€ 4,50
Nature's Spirit Select Cow Elk
Select Cow Elk: Natures Spirit offer the finest select deer hairs available on this planet. The ..
€ 6,95
Nature's Spirit Stimulator Deer Hair
Nature's Spirit Stimulator Deer Hair is the very best quality available in the world for fly tyi..
€ 5,95
Tiny Muddler Hair
The Future Fly team understood what ambitious fly tyers want: constant premium quality that leaves n..
€ 3,25
Craft Fur X-Select
We sell the Extra Select craft fur from Hareline, the very best for tying flies! From Bonefish patte..
€ 3,25

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