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Synthetics & Flash products like angel hair, gliss & glow, kristal flash, lateral scal and more for fly tying from qflyshop.

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Crystalflash or Krystalflash is the original flash for many fly patterns. This flash will give you f..
€ 1,99
Crystalflash Small
Crystalflash or Krystalflash small is the smaller version of the original flash for many fly pattern..
€ 1,99
Ripple Ice Fiber
Ripple Ice Fiber, the latest Fly Tying flash from Hareline. This flashy material is great for adding..
€ 4,70
Sale Holographic Flash
A super cool 3D color effect creates an extreme spectrum of light like no other. These Holographic f..
€ 3,40 € 1,75
Gliss 'n Glow
  ↵ Gliss'n Glow H2O   This is a new iridescent flash that attracts ..
€ 3,95
Flashabou Original
The original flashabou from Hedron, strong and moves really nice under the water. This flash will ad..
€ 4,49
Fluoro Fiber
This Fluoro Fiber synthetic material is great for tying tails on Salmon and Steelhead patterns. It i..
€ 4,75
Magic Quills
Eikre Fly produce a great material, a substitute for peacock quill named Eikre Fly Magic Quills. The..
€ 3,49
McFlyfoam is the very best Egg Yarn on the market! It is ideal for tying Egg patterns but also for C..
€ 3,90
3mm Fly Foam
The 3mm Fly Tying Foam For Fly Tying is perfect for tying Chernobyl Ants, Mouse patterns, Steel..
€ 2,95
Furry Foam
Furry Foam for Fly Tying from Hareline. A flexible Sheet with a soft foam center and a flocked ..
€ 1,75
Edge Bright
Popularized by Idaho fly tier, LeRoy Hyatt, in the Dean River Lantern series, Edge Bright is a stret..
€ 2,75
Sale Pro Angel Hair
Pro Angel Hair ™ for Fly Tying is used for over 20 years and it's still the best thin flas..
€ 4,99 € 2,49
Sale Pro Angel Hair HD
Angel Hair Pro HD is twice as thick as the standard Angel Hair . Beautiful flash that is something m..
€ 4,99 € 2,49

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