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Sale Airflo Sixth Sense
Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line: as true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the gu..
€ 64,90 € 39,95
Sale Guideline Fario NT8 Fly Rods
Guideline Fario NT8: a new series of NT8 fly rods from Guideline for the dedicated trout angler.&n..
€ 679,00 € 539,00
Sale Guideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed
Guideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed: Featuring the very same material as used in our incredibly success..
€ 689,00 € 549,00
Sale Guideline Observer Yellow
Guideline Observer Yellow Lens fly fishing sunglasses are built on the same well designed frames as ..
€ 49,95 € 39,95
Sale Guideline Opus Yellow
Guideline Opus Sunglasses with the Yellow American PC-Polaroid lenses. The scratch-resistance o..
€ 79,95 € 39,95
Sale Kispiox Yellow Lens
The Kispiox fly fishing sunglasses from Guideline have frames with a practical and trendy look. Kisp..
€ 49,95 € 24,95
Sale Alta Polarizing Sunglasses
Guideline Alta Polarizing Sunglasses is one of the best selling polarized sunglasses for fly fishing..
€ 59,95 € 39,95
Sale Cortland 444 Sylk
Cortland 444 Silk Double Taper Fly Line is the first modern ultra thin diameter ..
€ 59,95 € 39,95
Sale Deer Creek Photo Chromatic
The Guideline Deer Creek Nice Photo Chromatic polarized sunglasses are fitable shades for ..
€ 59,95 € 39,95
Sale FutureFly Easy Dubbing
FutureFly Easy Dubbing is the latest and greatest dubbing from FutureFly. It is ideal for tying tube..
€ 3,99 € 1,99
Sale FutureFly Flatbraid
FutureFly Metallic Flat Braid Mach 2 for fly tying. In shiny metallic colors. 3 meters per spool. ..
€ 3,95 € 1,99
Sale FutureFly Tanuki
FutureFly Tanuki is one of the best qaulity hairs available on the market. It is soft with stif..
€ 13,95 € 8,95
Sale Groovy Bunny Strips
The NEW rabbit zonkers from Hareline. White micro rabbit strips with streaks of 2 colors, then toppe..
€ 5,90 € 3,90
Sale Groovy Bunny Strips
The NEW Groovy Bunny Strips from Hareline. White rabbit strips with streaks of 2 colors, t..
€ 5,90 € 3,90
Sale Guideline EXP5
Guideline EXP5: by using new 24/30T graphite materials with reduced resincontent, weight has been re..
€ 149,95 € 99,00
Sale Guideline FAVO Reels
Guideline FAVO Reel: these High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and ..
€ 117,95 € 89,95
Sale Hybrid Cone 4 mm
€ 4,50 € 2,99
Sale Hybrid Cone 6 mm
€ 4,50 € 2,99
Sale Hybrid Cone 8 mm
The 8mm Hybrid cone from FutureFly is a rather large cone and best used on large patterns in the 8-1..
€ 4,75 € 2,99
Sale Mackenzie G3 Shootingheads
Each portion of the new Mackenzie G3 line has been precisely calculated during design and manufactur..
€ 66,95 € 49,95
Sale Mackenzie Graphene Atlas
Mackenzie Graphene Atlas Fly Rods - 6 piece: The growing number of anglers travelling to far-flung f..
€ 1.049,00 € 749,00
Sale Mackenzie Skagit PRO
The product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard to develop the new Skagi..
€ 55,00 € 38,95
Sale Micro Pulsator Strips
These Micro Pulsator Strips are a variation of the Micro Rabbit Strips from Hareline. They are tiger..
€ 5,90 € 3,90
Sale Pro Drop Weights
Pro Drop Weights are made with very little tolerance and a perfect finish. Fits perfectly on all Pro..
€ 4,99 € 2,49
Sale Rabbit Strips Black Barred
Barred Rabbit Strips for fly tying are cut from grade A quality skins and are the best rabbit strips..
€ 5,90 € 3,90
Sale UFO Disc 4.5mm  Nano
The Nano UFO disc from FutureFly is a very small 4.5mm disc for tube flies. These Nano discs are gre..
€ 4,50 € 2,99
Sale UFO Disc 6 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 6mm 10pcs ..
€ 4,50 € 2,99
Sale UFO Disc 8 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 8mm The 8mm UFO has a hole of 3,1mm so they are used only with the 3mm outertu..
€ 4,50 € 2,99
Sale Zap a Gap Bottle
The regular version we use for almost everything! no more varnish... just use Zap A GAp instead! b..
€ 5,25 € 2,95
Sale Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch Rod
Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch Rod: with the success of our ULS line system and the extended use of the..
€ 399,00 € 299,00
Sale HMH Profile Plate
A white colored profile plate for better vision when tying flies on your HMH vise. Better seein..
€ 34,95 € 24,95
Sale Holographic Flash
A super cool 3D color effect creates an extreme spectrum of light like no other. These Holographic f..
€ 3,40 € 1,75
Sale Pêche à Soie Single Taper
Pêche à Soie Single Taper Silk Line ST Single Taper measures 15 meters and can be ..
€ 69,90 € 49,95
Sale Rabbit Zonker Strips
These normal size Rabbit strips from Hareline are cut from grade A quality skins and are the best Ra..
€ 3,90 € 2,50
Sale Airflo SuperDri Xceed
Airflo SuperDri Xceed Fly Line: Introducing Airflo's groundbreaking Technology with the SuperDri..
€ 62,95 € 44,95
Sale Guideline Control+
Our Control fly lines have had a few changes and additions that make a nice improvement to this popu..
€ 59,95 € 34,95
Sale Guideline LPXe DH
Our DNA and part of the soul of Guideline, the Classic LPXe Series has undergone a total renewal of ..
€ 579,00 € 375,00
Sale Rabbit Two Toned Strips
Two toned Rabbit zonker strips cut from grade A quality skins, these are the best Rabbit strips on t..
€ 3,90 € 2,50
Sale Trout Seeker Sunglasses
Guideline Trout Seeker Polarized fly fishing sunglasses are a demi brown, timeless frames are in and..
€ 49,95 € 29,95
Sale Guideline Pike Line
The Pike Series fly line from Guideline is available in three different types. They all feature the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
€ 84,95 € 39,95
Sale Guideline Vosso 79
The construction of the reel foot brings the reel close to the rod. This results in a reduced torque..
€ 479,00 € 379,90
Sale Guideline Vosso 911
The Guideline Vosso 911 Fly Reel has a beautifull design and a few innovative new features. It has a..
€ 499,00 € 399,90
Sale Rabbit Strips Crosscut
These are cut across the grain of the hide. This is the choice for winding the hide around a hook sh..
€ 3,90 € 2,50
Sale Douglas LRS Rods
Douglas LRS Rods: with our LRS Fly Series, Douglas Head Rod Designer Fred Contaoi has brought high-e..
€ 249,00 € 169,00
Sale Elevate Rods SALE!
Simply put… by far the best ever rod series we have created in this price range. The looks, t..
€ 287,99 € 143,99
Sale Flashabou Original
The original flashabou from Hedron, strong and moves really nice under the water. This flash will ad..
€ 4,49 € 2,50
Sale Guideline Vosso 1113
The Guideline Vosso 1113 is one of the latest fly reels made by Guideline. These advanced and very s..
€ 519,00 € 399,90
Sale Rabbit Strips Micro
Perfect cut micro zonkers for tying flies. Steelhead, Trout or Tarpon these micro rabbit strips will..
€ 3,90 € 2,50
Sale Ross Cimarron II
The Cimarron II will set the standard for affordable large arbor fly reels by incorporating a su..
€ 265,00 € 119,95
Sale American Opossum
US Opossum We love the FutureFly US Opossum skins, the hair is long and soft combine that with ve..
€ 13,95 € 8,95
Sale Douglas DHF Rods
Our “every angler” rod, DHF offers high quality at a reasonable price. DHF is about y..
€ 159,00 € 99,00
Sale Futurefly Nutria
Futurefly Nutria is an amazing fly tying materials for both lightdressed Salmon flies and all kind o..
€ 13,95 € 8,95
Sale Mackenzie SH Rods
The Mackenzie DTX design team are very excited with the launch of the new range of shooting head rod..
€ 709,00 € 399,00
Sale Micro Pearl Flashabou
Micro Pearl Flashabou Opal Mirage 1/100 is the micro edition of the popular pearl flashabou. Suitabl..
€ 4,75 € 2,50
Sale Guideline Vosso 79 Slate Black
Guideline Vosso 79 Slate Black​ Fly Reel: the construction of the reel foot brings the reel close to..
€ 479,00 € 379,90
Sale Guinea Fowl Feathers
Guinea fowl feathers Large guinea fowl feathers in 12 amazing colors. We use these large feathers..
€ 5,50 € 3,50
Sale Guideline Power Taper 3D+
Adapting to recent and modern demands, based on our ground breaking and bestselling Triple-D lines:&..
Based on 1 reviews.
€ 89,95 € 69,90
Sale McFlyfoam
McFlyfoam is the very best Egg Yarn on the market! It is ideal for tying Egg patterns but also for C..
€ 3,90 € 1,90
Sale Guideline Power Taper 4D
Taking advantage of the know-how we have collected through the years with our Triple Density lines, ..
€ 74,99 € 59,95
Sale Ice Dub
Hareline Ice Dub fly tying dubbing has a brilliant sparkle underwater and dubs beautifully. Special ..
€ 3,25 € 2,50

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