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Sale Airflo Sixth Sense
Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line: as true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the gu..
€ 64,90 € 49,95
Sale Pike Set
This Pike set contains a Guideline Elevate 9ft #9 4-piece rod and a  Guideline FAVO 810&nb..
€ 449,90 € 349,90
Sale Douglas Nexus
The Nexus Reel has earned it’s place. Anglers are moving into unknown waters that are ..
€ 289,00 € 199,00
Sale Fario DT Float
Guideline Fario DT Double Taper Float:  high quality Double Taper flyline concept, the Guidelin..
€ 89,95 € 44,95
Sale Guideline EXP5
Guideline EXP5: by using new 24/30T graphite materials with reduced resincontent, weight has been re..
€ 149,95 € 99,00
Sale Mackenzie G3 Shootingheads
Each portion of the new Mackenzie G3 line has been precisely calculated during design and manufactur..
€ 66,95 € 49,95
Sale Mackenzie Graphene Atlas
Mackenzie Graphene Atlas Fly Rods - 6 piece: The growing number of anglers travelling to far-flung f..
€ 1.049,00 € 849,00
Sale Pro Drop Weights
Pro Drop Weights are made with very little tolerance and a perfect finish. Fits perfectly on all Pro..
€ 4,99 € 2,49
Sale Upstream Plus
The Upstream Plus is a special rod.  It’s a little bit like the story of Goldy Lochs and ..
€ 495,00 € 249,00
Sale Guideline High Water Evolve
The most advanced of the new generation EVOLVE fly Lines from Guideline. High Water EVOLVE features ..
€ 89,95 € 44,95
Sale Airflo SuperDri Xceed
Airflo SuperDri Xceed Fly Line: Introducing Airflo's groundbreaking Technology with the SuperDri..
€ 62,95 € 44,95
Sale Guideline Control+
Our Control fly lines have had a few changes and additions that make a nice improvement to this popu..
€ 59,95 € 34,95
Sale Guideline Pike Line
The Pike Series fly line from Guideline is available in three different types. They all feature the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
€ 84,95 € 59,95
Sale Elevate Rods
Simply put… by far the best ever rod series we have created in this price range. The looks, t..
€ 287,99 € 229,95
Ross Cimarron II
The Cimarron II will set the standard for affordable large arbor fly reels by incorporating a su..
€ 265,00
Sale Coastal Shooting Head
Coastal Shooting Head: based on the very popular Coastal WF fly line design and taper, these Ready-T..
€ 69,95 € 34,95
Sale Mackenzie SH Rods
The Mackenzie DTX design team are very excited with the launch of the new range of shooting head rod..
€ 709,00 € 399,00
Sale Power Taper Compact
These short shooting heads are ideally suited to the ”Scandi Style” technique with a sho..
€ 89,95 € 74,95
Sale Experience Sonic TiZip Wader
For 2018 we have updated our Experience TIZIP so that they now take advantage of “no stitch&rd..
€ 419,95 € 269,95
Sale TSL Evolve
The next generation Shooting Lines for anglers that like a thin, floating and coated line behind the..
€ 62,95 € 42,95
Sale AHREX NS150
New Scandinavian design created in collaboration with Claus Eriksen – inventor of the renowned..
€ 8,50 € 3,95
Sale Galvan Torque T-12 Spool
Black spool for the Torque 12 reel from Galvan The unique torque reel, now the 4th series was the..
Based on 1 reviews.
€ 249,00 € 125,00
Sale Kaitum Waders
Kaitum Wader has an new updated design giving it a better look with a Charcoal color that fits into ..
€ 229,95 € 114,95
Sale Pro Angel Hair
Pro Angel Hair ™ for Fly Tying is used for over 20 years and it's still the best thin flas..
€ 4,99 € 3,49
Sale Pro Angel Hair HD
Angel Hair Pro HD is twice as thick as the standard Angel Hair . Beautiful flash that is something m..
€ 4,99 € 2,49
Sale Pro Marble Fox
Pro Marble Fox is the number one hair material for salmon and steelhead fly tying patterns period!..
€ 7,95 € 4,95
Sale Douglas Argus Reel
Douglas Argus Fly Reel is an American made reel with a beautiful elegant classic look made by Dougla..
€ 379,00 € 249,00

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