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Compline II

Guideline Compline II Shooting Line: an economical, flat, intermediate Monofilament Shooting Line for use with Shooting Heads in both single hand and double hand fishing. The Compline II is a little lower in diameter than Compline on the thinnest side. A little more "rectangular" shape. It has the same amount of stretch as Compline and is a little softer in the handling, especially when used several days in a row. Because of the lower diameter, we recommend to use this line in slightly higher breaking strength than Compline. For instance, a 50 lbs FMS will perform well with both 9/10 and 10/11 wt rods. A 42 lbs FMS works well with 8/9wt rods and can even be used on 7/8 outfits. The 35lbs and 25lbs versions lend themselfs very well to fishing with Switch and Single Hand rods. Being a bit more supple, this line has some advantages when it comes to stretching it and eliminating "dints" that have occurred when tangling. It stays straight in colder weather and is easy to stretch. The flatter and wider profile picks up a bit more water resistance when casting, reducing distance a little compared with Compline, but it sure is marginal.
Available in the following models:
  • 25 lbs - Blue
  • 35 lbs - Solid Orange
  • 42 lbs - Red
  • 50 lbs - Solid Yellow 

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