Guideline ULS 3D+

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Guideline ULS 3D+

The Guideline ULS 3D+ Shooting Heads are nothing short of revolutionary!

Available in 12-14-16-18 gram weights, these 5,7-6,2 m long Heads offer a solution to target large predatory fish with light gear, much in the same way we fish for salmon and sea trout with heavier gear. Heads accommodate rod weights ranging from 4/5 up to 8/9.
Based on our 3D+ density concept they bring a totally new depth control into sink line fishing with lighter rods. They are designed to turn over all kinds of large and bulky streamers and nymphs as well as dries with ease. Balanced with a 25lbs Compline Shooting Line they will enable you to fish with total depth control and reach distances you've never managed with these kinds of flies on light gear before. They are built on 30lbs DC cores, have small, soft factory welded loops in both ends and have ID printing on the back end sleeves. 

ULS 3D Lines are available in the following densities:

  • Float: Bright Blue
  • F/H/S3: Chartreuse/Grey/Dark Grey
  • I/2/4: Blue/Dark Blue/Dark Grey
  • 1/3/5: Sea Green/Green Grey/Dark Grey
  • 2/4/6: Bright Grey/Dark Grey/Black 
  • Sleeve colors help to quickly identify the weight of the lines:

  • Green - #4/5  12g 
  • Blue - #5/6  14g 
  • Magenta - #6/7  16g 
  • White - #7/8  18g

The above info as well as density is also printed on the sleeves. 


Line Weight Head Weight Head Length - Float, F/H/S3 Head Length - I/S2/S4, S1/S3/S5, S2/S4/S6
#4/5 12g / 185 grains 6,2 m / 20,3 ft 6,0 m /19,7 ft
#5/6 14g / 216 grains 6,2 m / 20,3 ft 6,0 m /19,7 ft
#6/7 16g / 247 grains 6,2 m / 20,3 ft 6,0 m /19,7 ft
#7/8 18g / 278 grains 6,4 m / 21,0 ft 6,2 m / 20,3 ft

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