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UFO Disc 4.5mm  Nano
The Nano UFO disc from FutureFly is a very small 4.5mm disc for tube flies. These Nano discs are gre..
€ 4,50
3mm Tubes
The FutureFly tube system is the best on the market today. Finally we have perfectly shaped cones an..
€ 5,25
US Tubes
The US-Tube has been on the market for many years and it's very popular in both Europe and Scand..
€ 4,75
1.8mm Tubes
€ 5,25
Predator Tubes
The new 4.6mm XL Tube from FutureFly is a flexible tube manufactured from the same material as the o..
€ 3,50
FutureFly Tanuki
FutureFly Tanuki is one of the best qaulity hairs available on the market. It is soft with stif..
€ 13,95
FutureFly Easy Dubbing
FutureFly Easy Dubbing is the latest and greatest dubbing from FutureFly. It is ideal for tying tube..
€ 3,99
FutureFly Flatbraid
FutureFly Metallic Flat Braid Mach 2 for fly tying. In shiny metallic colors. 3 meters per spool. ..
€ 3,95
FutureFly Razor Blades
Spare Razor Blades for the FutureFly multi Knife, perfect for tying tubeflies! ..
€ 8,95
Futurefly Nutria
Futurefly Nutria is an amazing fly tying materials for both lightdressed Salmon flies and all kind o..
€ 13,95
SaleFutureFly Hen Saddle
These are the most beautiful hen saddles we have ever come across, FutureFly has the best saddles fo..
€ 26,95 € 18,95
FutureFly Tubefly Adapter
This Adapter is made in moulded hard plastic, an unique design that fits into every standard vise. I..
€ 22,95
FutureFly Tubefly Needles
The medium needle is for small flies, like small Salmon and Seatrout flies The Large needle is fo..
€ 9,95
FutureFly Zonker Tool
The FutureFly Zonker Tool is the perfect tool to hold your skin or pelt when cutting strips for Zonk..
€ 21,95
Predator Tube Needle
Predator Tube adapter + Needle for the use with the large Predator tubes from FutureFly ..
€ 18,95
FutureFly Beads 5mm
The 5mm beads from FutureFly are great for tying small tubeflies for Salmon, Seatrout, Trout, Asp et..
€ 4,95
FutureFly 4mm Beads
The 4mm beads from FutureFly are great for tying small tubeflies for Salmon, Seatrout, Trout, Asp et..
€ 4,95

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