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Guideline NT8 DH Fly Rods
Using the very latest in Nano-Tube reinforcement technology, these rods are taking Guideline rods to..
€ 945,00
Mackenzie Speyline G3
Mackenzie Speyline G3: the product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard t..
€ 89,00
Guideline Fario Elite
The Guideline Fario Elite WF is the new edition of the very popular Fario fly line from Gu..
€ 79,90
Guideline Fario Tactical
The Guideline Fario Tactical WF Fly Line is the compact model of Guideline's hugely popular..
€ 79,90
SaleGuideline Observer Yellow
Guideline Observer Yellow Lens fly fishing sunglasses are built on the same well designed frames as ..
€ 49,95 € 39,95
Xstream Multi Color Backing
This new Xstream PE (Polyethylene) backing from Guideline is a low stretch extremely thin backing fo..
€ 29,99
SaleGuideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed
Guideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed: Featuring the very same material as used in our incredibly success..
€ 689,00 € 395,00
SaleGuideline Fario NT8 Fly Rods
Guideline Fario NT8: a new series of NT8 fly rods from Guideline for the dedicated trout angler.&n..
Based on 1 reviews.
€ 679,00 € 395,00
SaleMackenzie Skagit PRO
The product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard to develop the new Skagi..
€ 55,00 € 44,95
Pêche à Soie DT Silk Fly Line
Why should you fly fish with a Pêche à Soie DT silk fly line? Usually, those ..
€ 145,90
Guideline Triple-D 7/8 int/s2/s4 SH
Our world-famous, market-leading shooting head concept has undergone its most substantial improvemen..
€ 45,00
Guideline Halo Reel Dark Grey Sapphire Blue
Guideline Halo Reel:  in it's price range the Guideline HALO has class leading qualiti..
€ 239,99
Guideline FAVO 46 Reel
Guideline FAVO Reel: these High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and ..
€ 139,99
Guideline Predator Evolve
Guideline Predator Evolve: a series of lines developed for use together with large streamers, deceiv..
€ 79,99
Micro Pulsator Strips
These Micro Pulsator Strips are a variation of the Micro Rabbit Strips from Hareline. They are tiger..
€ 5,90
SaleGuideline Predator DX Float
Guideline Predator DX Float Fly Line: Fishing for predatory fish such as pike, perch, sea bass and s..
€ 69,99 € 49,95
Guideline Elevation Rods
The unique Guideline Elevation Fly Rod series sets new standards in terms of environmentally co..
€ 199,00
Medium UV Polar Chenille
This UV hued fly tying chenille has medium size loose fibers that undulate in the water like marabou..
€ 3,95
Guideline Stoked Rods
Guideline Stoked Single-Handed Fly Rod “Stoked” is the perfect word to describe the f..
€ 149,00
Insta Jig Tungsten
These Insta Jig Tungsten heads are designed to make your fly ride deep and hook up, just like your t..
€ 4,95
Cortland Competition FO-tech float
• Extreme Distance • Quick Loading • High Floating The new FO-Tec..
€ 79,00
Cortland compact sink type 9
• Type 9 Sinking Head • Intermediate Running Line • Slick and Supple..
€ 89,00
Cortland 444 Sylk
• Ultrathin Diameter • Front Welded Loop The 444 Classic Sylk is the first m..
€ 59,00
Cortland 444SL
• Highly Visible • Reduced-Friction Finish • Front Welded Loop Th..
€ 59,00
SaleGuideline EXP5
Guideline EXP5: by using new 24/30T graphite materials with reduced resincontent, weight has been re..
€ 149,95 € 99,00
Cortland 444 Peach
• Ultra Supple • Front Welded Loop One of the all-time classics, the Cortlan..
€ 59,00
Cortland 444 Intermediate clear camo
• Sink Rate 1.5 – 2 IPS • Supple Finish • Front Welded Loop ..
€ 59,00
Cortland 333 Trout
• All Purpose • High Floating • Extremely Durable A durable, high..
€ 39,00
Tube Fly Box
This 2-sided box with a total of nine different compartments for tube flies and hooks to match. Meas..
€ 14,79
SaleMackenzie G3 Shootingheads
Each portion of the new Mackenzie G3 line has been precisely calculated during design and manufactur..
€ 66,95 € 44,95
Guideline LPs Rods
LPs (Light Presentation Series) from Guideline is an Euro nymph/light dry fly presentation rod serie..
€ 199,00
SaleGuideline power strike trout leaders 3 pack
Our popular 9' tapered leaders supplied in a handy 3-Pack. Trout leaders extruded to exacting st..
€ 13,99 € 9,95
Rabbit Zonker Strips
These normal size Rabbit strips from Hareline are cut from grade A quality skins and are the best Ra..
€ 3,90
Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch Rod
Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch Rod: with the success of our ULS line system and the extended use of the..
€ 399,00
Rabbit Two Toned Strips
Two toned Rabbit zonker strips cut from grade A quality skins, these are the best Rabbit strips on t..
€ 3,90
SaleGuideline RSi Rods
RSi is a series of fast, lightweight rods with great recovery speed and a “bottom-half-kick&rd..
€ 449,00 € 325,00
Double pupil lead eyes
These new Double Pupil Lead Eyes from Hareline are the best lead eyes there are! They will add weigh..
€ 3,95
Guideline Vosso 68
The construction of the Guideline Vosso 68 reel foot brings the reel close to the rod. This results ..
€ 479,00
SaleGuideline Control+
Our Control fly lines have had a few changes and additions that make a nice improvement to this popu..
€ 59,95 € 34,95
SaleGuideline Pike Line
The Pike Series fly line from Guideline is available in three different types. They all feature the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
€ 84,95 € 59,00
Fine Barred Marabou
The NEW Fine Black Barred Marabou by Hareline Dubbin is one of the coolest fly tying materials on th..
€ 5,95
Guideline Vosso 79
The construction of the reel foot brings the reel close to the rod. This results in a reduced torque..
€ 479,00
SaleGuideline Vosso 911 Spool
The Guideline Vosso 911 Fly Reel has a beautifull design and a few innovative new features. It has a..
€ 499,00 € 150,00
Guideline Vosso 1113
The Guideline Vosso 1113 is one of the latest fly reels made by Guideline. These advanced and very s..
€ 499,00
Guideline Coastal Evolve
Coastal has for many years been the reference line for coastal fly anglers around Europe. Coating sp..
€ 79,99
Guideline ULS 3D+
The Guideline ULS 3D+ Shooting Heads are nothing short of revolutionary! Available in 12-14-16-18..
€ 49,95
SaleRIO Tarpon
The dualtone Tarpon fly line from Rio is the best fly line for fly fishing for Tarpon. This line has..
€ 99,90 € 69,00
Guideline Power Taper 3D+
Adapting to recent and modern demands, based on our ground breaking and bestselling Triple-D lines:&..
Based on 1 reviews.
€ 89,95
RIO Skagit Max
This new Skagit shootinghead from Rio is the perfect fly fishing line for skagit casting. The most p..
€ 64,90
Guideline Power Taper 4D
Taking advantage of the know-how we have collected through the years with our Triple Density lines, ..
€ 74,99
SalePower Taper Compact
These short shooting heads are ideally suited to the ”Scandi Style” technique with a sho..
€ 89,95 € 64,95
Flat Diamond Braid
This Flat Diamond Braid from Hareline will lie flat on your hook, shank or tube. It's perfect fo..
€ 3,75
RIO Mainstream Sinking Line
RIO Mainstream Sinking Fly Line: this full sinking line on the unique MainStream taper will meet all..
€ 49,95
Guideline Treble Hooks
These Treble hooks from Guideline are designed especially for tube flies. This is the most used hook..
€ 12,95
SalePower Taper Evolve
Adapting to recent and modern demands, our RM Float lines have been updated to a pre-looped version ..
€ 84,95 € 49,95
Angora Goat Dub
This dubbing from Hareline is traditionally used as an replacement for Sealsfur for tying Steel..
€ 2,75
Guideline LRL
Guideline LRL Ultra is a popular alternative for anglers seeking a supple and floating shooting line..
€ 52,95
Guideline ULS Shooting Line
The Guideline ULS Floating Shooting Line is a coated shooting line that has been especially des..
€ 32,95
Compline II
Guideline Compline II Shooting Line: an economical, flat, intermediate Monofilament Shooting Line fo..
€ 32,95
Hareline Cactus Chenille
Hareline has the best medium cactus chenille there is. The flashy pearlecent fibers add sparkle to a..
€ 3,75

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