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3mm Tubes
The FutureFly tube system is the best on the market today. Finally we have perfectly shaped cones an..
€ 5,25
US Tubes
The US-Tube has been on the market for many years and it's very popular in both Europe and Scand..
€ 4,75
1.8mm Tubes
€ 5,25
Loon Hard Head Clear
Description Never mix epoxy again! Loon Hard Head Clear is an odorless, non-toxic and thick head ..
€ 7,95
Soft Knot Control
Used in combination with tube flies tied on 1.8mm inner tubing. Just cut a small piece about 5mm and..
€ 3,95
RIO Perception
€ 99,90
Predator Tubes
The new 4.6mm XL Tube from FutureFly is a flexible tube manufactured from the same material as the o..
€ 3,50
RIO Gold In-Touch
The Rio Gold is the most used fly line and now made with the In-Touch technology. If you fly fish fo..
€ 99,90
RIO InTouch Technical Trout
RIO’S INTOUCH TECHNICAL TROUT FLY LINE features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of p..
€ 99,90
RIO Intouch Pike Musky
RIO’s Pike/Musky line has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern pi..
€ 89,90
RIO Singlehand Spey
The Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to..
€ 99,90
RIO LightLine
RIO’s LightLine WF has been designed to load slower, more traditional action fly rods such as ..
€ 84,90
RIO Euro Nymph
RIO's updated Euro Nymph line has been thoroughly vetted and approved by FIPS Mouche as "Co..
€ 69,90
Rio DirectCore Flats Pro
Rio DirectCore Flats Pro: RIO’s new flagship saltwater fly line has been designed for anglers ..
€ 129,50
RIO DirectCore Bonefish
RIO’s DirectCore Bonefish line has a long head and rear taper to smooth out the loop, and to m..
€ 129,50
RIO Bonefish
RIO's Bonefish flyline has a long head and rear taper to smooth out the loop, and to make long e..
€ 99,00
Bonefish Quickshooter
The new Bonefish Quickshooter fly line from Rio Fly Lines is on of the best all-round Bonefish line ..
€ 99,00
Marble Fox
Marble Fox is soft, but not to soft. The hair lenght is between 8-11cm and some up to 15cm. The best..
€ 7,95
RIO Tarpon
The dualtone Tarpon fly line from Rio is the best fly line for fly fishing for Tarpon. This line has..
€ 89,90
RIO GT Flyline
RIO’s GT line has been specifically designed for the demanding conditions faced by the hardcor..
€ 99,90
RIO InTouch Scandi 3D
Scandi 3Ds cut through wind and current, and let you swing the fly. RIO builds these lines around ou..
€ 64,90
RIO Skagit Max
This new Skagit shootinghead from Rio is the perfect fly fishing line for skagit casting. The most p..
€ 64,90
RIO Coastal Seatrout
The Rio Coastal Seatrout Sink 1 Slow Intermediate Fly Line is designed for the coastal saltwater ang..
€ 89,90
RIO InTouch Skagit Max
RIO’s INTOUCH SKAGIT MAX GAMECHANGER heads are the perfect delivery system for casti..
€ 64,90
RIO Mainstream Sinking Line
RIO Mainstream Sinking Fly Line: this full sinking line on the unique MainStream taper will meet all..
€ 49,95
FutureFly Hen Saddle
These are the most beautiful hen saddles we have ever come across, FutureFly has the best saddles fo..
€ 26,95
RIO VersiLeader
RIO’S SPEY VERSILEADERS are designed for the spey angler, with strong nylon cores in excess of..
€ 15,90
Predator Tube Needle
Predator Tube adapter + Needle for the use with the large Predator tubes from FutureFly ..
€ 18,95
FutureFly Beads 5mm
The 5mm beads from FutureFly are great for tying small tubeflies for Salmon, Seatrout, Trout, Asp et..
€ 4,95
Loon Linespeed
Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a sli..
€ 8,50
Loon Aquel
Description This premium gel floatant is the world's best fly floatant. Aquel is long lasting..
€ 5,75
RIO GripShooter
The new running line from Rio Fly Lines the GripShooter running line. Rio has made the Gripshooter o..
€ 44,90

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