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Steelhead Flies
Steelhead flies represent the highest echelon of artistic fly-dressing. They enjoy a rich tradition ..
€ 41,95
SaleGuideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed
Guideline NT8 FOUR Single Handed: Featuring the very same material as used in our incredibly success..
€ 689,00 € 549,00
Guideline NT8 DH Fly Rods
Using the very latest in Nano-Tube reinforcement technology, these rods are taking Guideline rods to..
€ 945,00
Catgut Medium
Catgut Medium: we have the pleasure to offer you one of the best fly tying material used in tying ny..
€ 1,89
Catgut Large
Catgut Large: we have the pleasure to offer you one of the best fly tying material used in tying nym..
€ 1,89
Thomas & Thomas Paradigm
€ 910,00
Thunderhead Sling Cutthroat Orange
Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling cutthroat orange When you need quick access to all of your..
€ 249,00
UFO Disc 8 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 8mm The 8mm UFO has a hole of 3,1mm so they are used only with the 3mm outertu..
€ 4,50
Stonfo Dubbing Rake/Comb
Great dubbing tool from Stonfo that combines a rake and comb in one awesome fly tying tool. ..
€ 6,95
Cortland 444 Sylk
• Ultrathin Diameter • Front Welded Loop The 444 Classic Sylk is the first m..
€ 59,00
SaleThomas and Thomas Avantt
Thomas and Thomas is back with their new Avantt fly rod! T&T has alway's built beautiful fly..
€ 845,00 € 695,00
Cortland 444SL
• Highly Visible • Reduced-Friction Finish • Front Welded Loop Th..
€ 59,00
Saltwater Flyfishing Europe
Saltwater fly fishermen from all over Northern Europe contribute information on methods, places and ..
€ 25,95
Cortland 444 Peach
• Ultra Supple • Front Welded Loop One of the all-time classics, the Cortlan..
€ 59,00
Hybrid Cone 8 mm
The 8mm Hybrid cone from FutureFly is a rather large cone and best used on large patterns in the 8-1..
€ 4,75
Wilkinson Razorblades
These straight double sided razor blades from Wilkinson are indispensable for tying Tubeflies a..
€ 5,95
Cortland 444 Intermediate clear camo
• Sink Rate 1.5 – 2 IPS • Supple Finish • Front Welded Loop ..
€ 59,00
UFO Disc 6 mm
FutureFly UFO Disc 6mm 10pcs ..
€ 4,50
Tube Fly Box
This 2-sided box with a total of nine different compartments for tube flies and hooks to match. Meas..
€ 14,79
Cortland 333 Trout
• All Purpose • High Floating • Extremely Durable A durable, high..
€ 39,00
UFO Disc 4.5mm  Nano
The Nano UFO disc from FutureFly is a very small 4.5mm disc for tube flies. These Nano discs are gre..
€ 4,50
UV2 Chenille
Super cool Chenille with some flash and with UV2 from Spirit River. Key colors infused with UVF and ..
€ 3,95
Speckled Chenille
Speckled Chenille: this is a regular chenille with added flash from Hareline. When flies are tied wi..
€ 3,49
Cliff Bugger Beast
There are anglers out there, like us, who like to thow meat (big flies). Big flies catch big fish, b..
€ 48,95
SaleAllround flybox small
De doos heeft een mooi zakformaat en biedt ruimte aan zowel streamertjes, nymphen als ook droge vlie..
€ 9,95 € 5,00
C&F medium 9 row waterproof flybox with flip and dropper spool
Nymph and wet fly case with 3 micro slit faces and a flat foam face Comes with lockable storage..
€ 59,90
Krystal Flash Chenille
This chenille is made with Hareline's Krystal Flash and will create great fish-catching bodies o..
€ 3,95
Slim Tube Fly Box
Guideline Slim Tube Fly Box: very convenient without adding too much bulk in your chest pack or vest..
€ 7,29
C&F small 5 row flybox with standard threaders
5 rows of Micro Slit Foam and holder for 5 Threaders Hinge section for up to a dozen Threaders ..
€ 43,90
Medium UV Polar Chenille
This UV hued fly tying chenille has medium size loose fibers that undulate in the water like marabou..
€ 3,95
West Bank Wading Belt
€ 59,95
Cortland competition MKII nymph rod
Cortland’s Competition MKII Nymph Fly Rods Built using carbon fiber of military grad..
€ 499,00
Cactus Chenille 6mm
Cactus Chenille is a chenille with pearlescent fibers which make it sparkle. Great for Steelhea..
€ 2,49
Cortland Nymph series rods
Cortland’s Nymph series fly rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Bu..
€ 299,00
Textreme Round Chenille is the bulked polyester version of the classic chenille in rayon viscose. Ma..
€ 1,90
Thunderhead Lumbar
The Fishpond Thunderhead Lumbar Submersible Pack is a fully waterproof pack that is built with your ..
€ 249,00
Cortland Competition FO-tech float
• Extreme Distance • Quick Loading • High Floating The new FO-Tec..
€ 79,00
Cortland compact sink type 9
• Type 9 Sinking Head • Intermediate Running Line • Slick and Supple..
€ 89,00
Fishpond Summit Sling
Fishpond Summit Sling: admittedly, Fishpond is not first to the water with a fishing sling pack, yet..
€ 109,00
Thomas and Thomas Exocett Rods
The Exocett rods, the fast action flagship saltwater series of fly rods from Thomas and Thomas. Thes..
€ 969,00
Exocett Predator
Thomas and Thomas Exocett Predator : Pike, Muskies and other Predators are often looking for a ..
€ 855,00
FutureFly Razor Blades
Spare Razor Blades for the FutureFly multi Knife, perfect for tying tubeflies! ..
€ 8,95
RIO Singlehand Spey
The Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to..
€ 99,90
Tied In The Hand
"Sven-Olov Hård first came to my notice some years ago, as a salmon fly-tyer of considera..
€ 61,95
Renzetti Presentation 2300
The Presentation True Rotary 2300 Vise offers the tyer some of the best features of our vi..
€ 299,00
McFlyfoam is the very best Egg Yarn on the market! It is ideal for tying Egg patterns but also for C..
€ 3,90
Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Perfect for teasing out your dubbed bodies! From small nymphs to large Intruser type flies, this dub..
€ 4,95
SaleRIO InTouch Scandi 3D
Scandi 3Ds cut through wind and current, and let you swing the fly. RIO builds these lines around ou..
€ 64,90 € 49,95
Pearl Diamond Braid
Wound like chenille, this braid has many reflective surfaces with pearlescent tones to give the fly ..
€ 2,95
Flat Diamond Braid
This Flat Diamond Braid from Hareline will lie flat on your hook, shank or tube. It's perfect fo..
€ 3,75
FutureFly Tubefly Adapter
This Adapter is made in moulded hard plastic, an unique design that fits into every standard vise. I..
€ 22,95
FutureFly Tubefly Needles
The medium needle is for small flies, like small Salmon and Seatrout flies The Large needle is fo..
€ 9,95
Micro Cactus Chenille
It is the Cactus Chenille’s thinnest version ever made, now available on spools. Suited for ma..
€ 2,50
Hareline Cactus Chenille
Hareline has the best medium cactus chenille there is. The flashy pearlecent fibers add sparkle to a..
€ 3,75
FutureFly Zonker Tool
The FutureFly Zonker Tool is the perfect tool to hold your skin or pelt when cutting strips for Zonk..
€ 21,95
Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder
Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder: a lightweight and stable tippet holder with all features you need! ..
€ 22,95
Fishpond Quickshot Rod Holder
Fishpond Quickshot Fly Rod Holder: this fly rod holder is the ideal accessory for all those carrying..
€ 32,95
Fishpond Swivel Retractor
Fishpond Swivel Retractor: Fly-fishing is a game of fooling, and the Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retr..
€ 21,95

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