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Guideline Fario Elite
The Guideline Fario Elite WF is the new edition of the very popular Fario fly line from Gu..
€ 79,90
Mackenzie Speyline G3
Mackenzie Speyline G3: the product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard t..
€ 89,00
Guideline Fario Tactical
The Guideline Fario Tactical WF Fly Line is the compact model of Guideline's hugely popular..
€ 79,90
Xstream Multi Color Backing
This new Xstream PE (Polyethylene) backing from Guideline is a low stretch extremely thin backing fo..
€ 29,95
SaleAirflo Sixth Sense
Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line: as true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the gu..
€ 64,90 € 39,95
RIO Gold In-Touch
The Rio Gold is the most used fly line and now made with the In-Touch technology. If you fly fish fo..
€ 99,90
SaleCortland 444 Sylk
Cortland 444 Silk Double Taper Fly Line is the first modern ultra thin diameter ..
€ 59,95 € 39,95
SaleMackenzie G3 Shootingheads
Each portion of the new Mackenzie G3 line has been precisely calculated during design and manufactur..
€ 66,95 € 49,95
Guideline Predator Evolve
Guideline Predator Evolve: a series of lines developed for use together with large streamers, deceiv..
€ 89,90
SaleMackenzie Skagit PRO
The product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard to develop the new Skagi..
€ 55,00 € 38,95
Guideline Predator DX Float
Guideline Predator DX Float Fly Line: Fishing for predatory fish such as pike, perch, sea bass and s..
€ 59,95
Micron Backing
Cortland Micron backing is the standard by which all fly line backing has been judged for over 50 ye..
€ 25,90
Airflo 40+ Extreme Distance di7
The Airflo 40+ Extreme Distance di7 or de Airflo Forty plus Extreme Distance di7 is a very fast..
€ 64,90
SalePêche à Soie Single Taper
Pêche à Soie Single Taper Silk Line ST Single Taper measures 15 meters and can be ..
€ 69,90 € 49,95
SaleAirflo SuperDri Xceed
Airflo SuperDri Xceed Fly Line: Introducing Airflo's groundbreaking Technology with the SuperDri..
€ 62,95 € 44,95
SaleGuideline Control+
Our Control fly lines have had a few changes and additions that make a nice improvement to this popu..
€ 59,95 € 34,95
Skagit Compact G2
In 2007, our original Skagit Compact forever Changed the Game for Anadromous Anglers in the Pacific ..
€ 49,95
SaleGuideline Pike Line
The Pike Series fly line from Guideline is available in three different types. They all feature the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
€ 84,95 € 39,95
Guideline Coastal Evolve
Coastal has for many years been the reference line for coastal fly anglers around Europe. Coating sp..
€ 89,95
Airflo Bonefish Super-DRI™
The Airflo Super-Dri Ridge Bonefish line is an incredible step forward for hot climate line technolo..
€ 64,90
Bonefish Quickshooter
The new Bonefish Quickshooter fly line from Rio Fly Lines is on of the best all-round Bonefish line ..
€ 99,00
SaleCoastal Shooting Head
Coastal Shooting Head: based on the very popular Coastal WF fly line design and taper, these Ready-T..
€ 69,95 € 34,95
Airflo Super-DRI™ Tarpon
Airflo Super-DRI™ Tropical Tarpon Flyline: the thought of setting 4/0 hooks into galvanised bu..
€ 64,90
RIO Tarpon
The dualtone Tarpon fly line from Rio is the best fly line for fly fishing for Tarpon. This line has..
€ 89,90
Guideline ULS 3D+
The Guideline ULS 3D+ Shooting Heads are nothing short of revolutionary! Available in 12-14-16-18..
€ 49,95
SaleGuideline Power Taper 3D+
Adapting to recent and modern demands, based on our ground breaking and bestselling Triple-D lines:&..
Based on 1 reviews.
€ 89,95 € 69,90
RIO Skagit Max
This new Skagit shootinghead from Rio is the perfect fly fishing line for skagit casting. The most p..
€ 64,90
SaleGuideline Power Taper 4D
Taking advantage of the know-how we have collected through the years with our Triple Density lines, ..
€ 74,99 € 59,95
SalePower Taper Compact
These short shooting heads are ideally suited to the ”Scandi Style” technique with a sho..
€ 89,95 € 64,95
SalePower Taper Evolve
Adapting to recent and modern demands, our RM Float lines have been updated to a pre-looped version ..
€ 84,95 € 49,95
SaleTSL Evolve
The next generation Shooting Lines for anglers that like a thin, floating and coated line behind the..
€ 62,95 € 34,95
Guideline ULS Shooting Line
The Guideline ULS Floating Shooting Line is a coated shooting line that has been especially des..
€ 32,95
Guideline LRL
Guideline LRL Ultra is a popular alternative for anglers seeking a supple and floating shooting line..
€ 52,95
Compline II
Guideline Compline II Shooting Line: an economical, flat, intermediate Monofilament Shooting Line fo..
€ 32,95
Guideline Skagit Tips
The Guidline T-Tips for Skagit lines are 15ft pre-looped sink tips. These sink tips are perfect for ..
€ 29,95
EGOR+ FC 9' LEADER: Extruded from the highest quality Japanese fluorocarbon available. Direct on..
€ 13,95
Aquasure 2x 7gr
The best coating or glue for all your loops on fly lines, shooting head Skagit heads etc. is Aquasur..
€ 11,95
Mesh Wallet Shooting Heads
A practical storage for a full set of Heads for one line size.This wallet has a three section fold-o..
€ 21,95
Loon Linespeed
Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a sli..
€ 8,50
RIO GripShooter
The new running line from Rio Fly Lines the GripShooter running line. Rio has made the Gripshooter o..
€ 44,90

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