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Veevus 6/0
Veevus Tying Thread: the best tying thread in the World! When you need a thin thread to keep from bu..
€ 2,25
Steelhead Flies
Steelhead flies represent the highest echelon of artistic fly-dressing. They enjoy a rich tradition ..
€ 41,95
Wilkinson Razorblades
These straight double sided razor blades from Wilkinson are indispensable for tying Tubeflies a..
€ 5,95
FutureFly UV + LED Light
FutureFly UV/LED Lamp with Toolrack: The new FutureFly UV Multi Lamp is an ideal tying light that co..
€ 189,00
Kopter Absolute
The Kopter Flies Scissors ABSOLUTE micro sarrated edges have been especially designed for fly t..
€ 42,95
Kopter Precision Tweezer
Kopter Flies  PRECISION Tweezer has a thin point and are the perfect fly tying tools in order t..
€ 27,95
Stonfo Dubbing Rake/Comb
Great dubbing tool from Stonfo that combines a rake and comb in one awesome fly tying tool. ..
€ 6,95
Saltwater Flyfishing Europe
Saltwater fly fishermen from all over Northern Europe contribute information on methods, places and ..
€ 25,95
Veevus 10/0
The best tying thread in the World! 10/0 tying thread by Veevus is very strong with 800 grams of bre..
€ 2,25
FutureFly Razor Blades
Spare Razor Blades for the FutureFly multi Knife, perfect for tying tubeflies! ..
€ 8,95
SaleHMH Profile Plate
A white colored profile plate for better vision when tying flies on your HMH vise. Better seein..
€ 34,95 € 24,95
Razor Scissors
Supreme quality fly tying scissors made by one of the best manufacurers of medical instruments for F..
€ 36,95
Tied In The Hand
"Sven-Olov Hård first came to my notice some years ago, as a salmon fly-tyer of considera..
€ 61,95
Petitjean Large Scissors
  Large & straight scissors, these have a simple yet functional design. These scissors a..
€ 63,00
Veevus GSP Tying Thread
Gel Spun Polyethylene or GSP tying thread is a virtually unbreakable tying thread. We carry Veevus b..
€ 2,95
Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Perfect for teasing out your dubbed bodies! From small nymphs to large Intruser type flies, this dub..
€ 4,95
Griffin Hair Stacker
The Griffin Hair Stacker is the perfect allround hairstacker, made from quality materials and even b..
€ 12,95
FutureFly Tubefly Adapter
This Adapter is made in moulded hard plastic, an unique design that fits into every standard vise. I..
€ 22,95
FutureFly Tubefly Needles
The medium needle is for small flies, like small Salmon and Seatrout flies The Large needle is fo..
€ 9,95
FutureFly Zonker Tool
The FutureFly Zonker Tool is the perfect tool to hold your skin or pelt when cutting strips for Zonk..
€ 21,95
Predator Tube Needle
Predator Tube adapter + Needle for the use with the large Predator tubes from FutureFly ..
€ 18,95
Edge Bright
Popularized by Idaho fly tier, LeRoy Hyatt, in the Dean River Lantern series, Edge Bright is a stret..
€ 2,75

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