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Qflyshop is now also a dealer of Nautilus reels. The best affordable fly fishing reels in the world! We have the Nautilus X-Series and the CCF-2 reels in stock. The Nautilus X-Series reels have an open frame, they are lightweight, an have a super smooth drag. Everything a good fly fishing reel should should have is present in the X-series reels. Prices start at € 299,- for the smaller models up to € 429,- for the largest # 8/9 reel. We also have custom X-Series reels for those who want something special.

We also have the very popular CCF-2 reels in stock. These are larger reels with a large and strong drag systems. But they are...

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Thomas Barzilay Freund, Michael Kamsky, and Faulkner Wilson are the people behind the film Between the Lines. Over the years, these three childhood friends from New York City have fished together and documented their adventures on film. Although they’ve had the opportunity to explore many different fisheries together, they feel a deep connection to the striped bass of the Long Island Sound which they have relentlessly pursued over the years. They are all currently freshmen in college: Thomas at Bowdoin, Michael at Princeton, and Faulkner at Wake Forest. They began fishing for stripers together in high school. For the final months of...

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De naam van deze vlieg is bedacht door de bekende hengelsportjournalist, Bertus Rozemeijer. Wij visten toen veel op de Duitse riviertjes zoals de Lenne en de Kyll en vingen ons werkelijk te pletter met deze vlieg.Het vliegje is eigenlijk een afgeleide van de Quill Gordon, maar dan met andere kleuren. Het is een vliegje dat mij nooit in de steek heeft gelaten, want ook op andere rivieren deed hij het meer dan prima. Ook toen ik voor het eerst op de Engelse kalkriviertjes viste was dit dé vlieg.

Zelfs wanneer er niet of nauwelijks enige activiteit op het water was te bespeuren, werd deze vlieg van het wateroppervlak gepakt. Het...

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The new VAYA reel from Abel Reels features a drag system with alternating carbon and stainless steel drag discs. This will give you 15Lb of stopping power. But more important you can fine tune the drag very precisely so you can protect light tippets! The VAYA reels will be available in 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8 sizes. Starting at €495 the reels will be available end of August 2019 at Qflyshop!


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Renzetti fly tying vises are now available in Europe @ Qflyshop! We have most models in-stock! Renzetti has been making awesome fly tying vises since the 70's. No other brand makes as much vises as Renzetti does! They have everything covered from beginner vises all the way up to a luxurious Master Vise with all the bells an whistles.

If you have any questions about the Renzetti vises or you want some advise about which vise bet fits your needs?

Please send us an e-mail, we are here to help!

Renzetti Master 2300

Renzetti Master Vise with Deluxe Base

Renzetti Travveler

The first thing is to figure out is were to go? There are so many options, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Los Roques, The Keys, Cuba... It will depend on both your budget and preferred way to fish. Some places offer miles of wadable flats, while others solely offer fishing from a boat. I would suggest contacting a reliable travel agency specialized in Fly Fishing trips or whenever possible, ask someone from your local flyshop. Maybe they have fished some places and can offer you some good advise on both locations and the right tackle to take with you. 

Flats fishing is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. But you have to...

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In this episode I will tie a Brahma Bugger for you. This is a variation on the famous Woolly Bugger fly pattern. The Brahma Bugger is tied with the amazing Whiting Brahma Hen softhackle with chick a bou. This contains the sofhackle we need to tie the body and the chick a bou that we will use for the tail. Have fun tying and please Subscribe and hit the BELL icon to receive a notion when we post a new video. Thanks for watching! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:

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We had a nice order of Whiting Farms that just came in! Many of the popular items like the Coq de Leon Bronze saddle in Medium Pardo are back in-stock. The Chickabou range has grown with new colors added to the already large selection we stock and we have some new additions. Including a PLATINUM Grizzly Saddle!

  • Platinum Grizzly Saddle... yes we finally have one of these mind blowing saddles!
  • Re-Stock and new colors Whiting hen saddles, Wild Type Brown and Natural Brown
  • Seven new colors of Chickabou! 26 in total now, the best Mini Marabou in the world!
  • Brahma Softhackle with Chickabou Hen patches, great for tying Brahma...

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This is why we fish is the new intro video of the Qflyshop Youtube channel! We only carry brands that we fish with ourselves. No matter what you use go out... fish! and have fun! 

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This video is about fly tying a Squirrel Hot Spot Nymph pattern. Have fun tying and please SUBSCRIBE if you like our videos! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:

One extra video for you! Thanks for watching!

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New Abel Reels Retro, Fade and Fish Graphics for 2019 available in Europe at Qflyshop! All Abel reels are available in these finishes as from now.

Abel Retro Black-Green

Abel Retro Fire

Abel Retro Carnival

Abel Retro Caribbean

Abel Rasta Fade

Abel Tiger Trout

Abel 2019 Peacock Bass

Abel Native Cutthroat

Abel Black Blue Fade

Abel Black Green Fade

Abel Black Red Fade

Abel 2019 Dorado 

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Guideline will release many new fly fishing items for 2019! Including new rods, reels, lines and much more exiting stuff. Brian Storup who is the sales representative for Guideline has visited our shop to tell us all about the yet to be released gear for 2019. We also had the chance to cast with the new rods and lines and actually touch the new reels.

Lets start with the new rods, the NT8 Four will be released early 2019. These are all 4-piece models based uppon the 6-piece NT8 rods that we love so much! They will also release some new switch and singlehand rods in this series. We have cast with the new 9ft #7 model with the all...

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Are good polarized sunglasses really necessary for fly fishing? We can be brief about that ... YES!

Many fly fishermen think they don't need a pair of good quality fly-fishing glasses. Good polarized sunglasses are indispensable for almost any type of fly fishing. Whether it's spotting a Trout in a river, a Bonefish on the flats or a Salmon in a pool ... when you can see the fish properly you are able to fish better and more effectively. A good pair of polarized sunglasses are even indispensable for many forms of fly fishing.

Guideline Alta Photo Chromatic sunglasses, photo chromatic lenses adapt to the light by darkening or...

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This video is about fly tying a Mayfly Nymph for fly fishing

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Door Kees Pootjes, fotografie: Jelle Westerhuis

Toen ik begon met vliegbinden waren de materialen nog lang niet zo geavanceerd als tegenwoordig. Genetisch gemanipuleerde skins waren niet of nauwelijks verkrijgbaar.Veel kleiner dan op #16 binden kon eigenlijk niet en ik zocht dan ook naarstig naar manieren om toch die goed vangende vliegen te kunnen binden op haakje 18 en 20, wat soms voor de schuwe vlagzalmen op de Lenne noodzakelijk was.

Het vliegje dat ik jullie deze week wil laten zien is er zo eentje die in deze periode is ontstaan. Een doodsimpel vliegje van Struis, waar je binnen de kortste keren een behoorlijk aantal van...

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The amount of Fly Lines out on the market today is huge. No wonder many of us are struggling to find out which line is best. The balance between a rod and line is vital! A fly fishing line can make or break a set after all!

It is difficult to buy and test 'all' lines as fly fisherman, but also the financial aspect of purchasing a whole bunch of different lines comes into play. Reading this article is not only interesting for anyone who wants to know more about lines and flycasting. But it will save you money in the long run!

A lot has changed when it comes to fly lines in recent years. The Tapers have become more and more...

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This video is about fly tying a Cinnamon Caddis, sedge pattern for fly fishing This Sedge pattern is my favorite fly for fishing for trout in Germany and Slovenia. I alway's use the Daiichi 1220 in sizes 16 and 14. It has the perfect profile to imitate Sedges and because it floats low on the water it will attract even the most educated trout. Floats like a cork fishes wel and looks cool... the perfect Sedge pattern.

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