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It's always fun to fill your fly boxes for your next trip, especially when that trip is going to British Columbia and you are soon in a river swinging for Steehead. A couple more weeks and I'll be standing in one of those great rivers swinging for steel... This is one of my favorite patterns, a variation of my Steelhead Monster Fly. Hope you like it!

Burn the 1.8mm inner tube en push it in to the 3mm outer tube, attach them together with your tying thread. Make sure the inner tube goes 1cm into the outer tube.

Make a dubbing loop and spin the black Ice Dub. Make sure you pick the dubbing out and brush it hard with a ultimate dubbing brush. If you don't do that it will become one big mess... brush it hard! Hackle the dubbing forward stroking the dubbing back with each turn you make. After that... brush it hard!

It should look something like this, a nice clean base for the shouder.

The next step is to tie in a silver doctor blue guinea fowl hackle and hackle it forward. When I tie it off I alway double back the stem en tie that off as well. That makes your fly a lot stronger.

Now tie in two blue micro zonker strips, or split a normal zonker with a razor blade and some Gliss & Glow electric blue flash. When you look close you'll see that the shoulder prevents the zonker strip to lay flat. This shoulder will give you fly a nice silhouette in the water!

Tie in another guinea fowl feather and hackle as before. This feather will prevent the soft marabou from collapsing in the current.

The next step is to tie in 6-8 lady amherst fibers, do this on both sides. About half a inch shorter than the zonkers.

Tie in and hackle two marabou feathers, only use the best (top) part of the feather and remove all the fluff. In this case I used a blue and a black one.

If you like you can also tie in two jungle cock eyes, tie off and put a drop of Zap a Gap on the head of the fly. Slide a 6mm hybrid cone over the inner tubing and let it dry. Remove the fly from the needle and cut the tube about a millimeter in front of the cone. Burn the plastic against the cone, let it cool off and your done!


This is a classic black&blue version, but feel free to combine your favorite colors! You can find all the materials in the shop!


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