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The #1 Tube System

The FutureFly tube system can be used in many different ways. Tube flies offer endless possibilities and a lot of cool options like, different colored tubes, cones, discs and US tubes. All provide their own specific advantages we can use to create new and exciting fly patterns. Traditionally tube flies are used mainly for Atlantic salmon patterns, but many fly tiers found that they are also great for tying all sorts of patterns from large Pike flies to saltwater patterns. In this article I will show you the most popular methods used tying flies on tubes.























The first method is to tie directly on a 1.8mm inner tube. This is perfect for tying smaller flies and you can use them with or without US tubes, hybridcones or UFO discs.

The reason we use US tubes is not necceserally to get the fly down, but more to balance the fly properly. Because when you place a treble, double or large single hook the hook will hang lower than your wing. This is because of the weight of the hook. A 6mm or 10mm US tube is perfect for balancing you fly, so that it swings through the pool like it should. When you rig your hook for this type of fly just slide a small piece of silicone tubing over the eye of the hook and let it hang free behind the fly. This way of rigging is very popular in conjunction with smaller tube flies.

Here you see an example of a small tube fly tied on a 1.8mm inner tube with a 10mm US tube that is used to create the body. As an extra we used a small butt made from UNI yarn, this is not necceserally but look great on this pattern.



You can also use a piece of 3mm outer tubing to create an easy but attractive butt on your fly.

Another way is to tie directly on the 3mm outer tubing. This is great for tying larger flies for Pike, Muskie etc. You can finish your fly using a 8mm UFO disc that has an 3mm hole size. The 8mm UFO disc is light weight and has no influence on the sink rate of your fly. A largeadvantage is that the disc makes your flies swim even better.


The most popular method is to use the 3mm outer tubing together with the 1.8mm inner tubing. This way you can finish your fly with a small neat looking head and you can use all sorts of cones or disc's to finish your fly. Just cut the 3mm tubing at an angle and you place the 1.8mm tubing about a centimeter inside of the 3mm tube. For extra security slightly burn the back end of the 1.8mm tube. To attach the tubes together just use your tying thread, no glue is needed. You can also use an US tube with this system, you can use the US tube as a body or you can tie your body on top of the US tube.

A few final tips:

When you finish your fly, cut the tube about 1-2mm in front of your head, cone or disc. When you burn the small piece of tube leave the fly on the needle, that way you never close the hole for your leader. Be sure to hold the needle and fly vertically when you burn the plastic tube. Be sure to let the plastic cool off before you take your fly of the needle. Have fun tying tube flies !





Last update: July 25, 2015

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