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For the new fly-fishing season, Guideline is introducing a number of very interesting new products! That is why we will expand our productrange  with : Waders, Wading boots, Wading jackets and of course Rods, Reels and Lines. Everyone wants to fish in good waders and preferably with a zipper on the front which is so handy for our men. But the prices at some manufacturers are way too high. The price of € 999 for waders is really absurd and unnecessary. Guideline comes with the Experience Sonic T-Zip wader, this suit is made like the Alta waders in the Haglöfs factory. Quality and a good fit are guaranteed. We have already fished a season with the Alta TiZip wading suit without any problem. In our opinion the most comfortable suit on the market.


For upcoming season we can offer you a fantastic set for a spectacular price! An Experience Sonic TiZip wadersuit including a pair of Laxa Traction waders with rubber soles from € 589,98 for € 429,95. Of course The great Guideline service is included. If you want a good pair of waders for less try the Kaitum waders including Laxa Traction shoes for only € 249.95. YES for a suit plus shoes!

The new Top of the Line rods from Guideline are called NT8. This new generation of rods performed so well during our testing that we added them to our range. The most popular rods are in stock and the rest of them is available very quickly so you can pre-order if you like.


Only very occasionally you come across a rod that you know is really something special! WOW was the first thing we said to each other when we were allowed to throw with the NT8 7/8 12.9ft 6-piece rod and 20gram 4D head with 4D tip. Brian Guideline's representative had a grin on his face and said 'I know! 'This is a rod / line combination that throws so wonderfully, a match made in heaven. Still try a Skagit line and again a big smile on my face. The action is just right and the rod super light. We cannot (unfortunately) force you, but you really must have thrown this rod! The ideal Steelhead and Sea trout rod and perfect for small to medium sized Atlantic salmon rivers.

And then the new Guideline ULS 3D + Shooters, these are revolutionary! Suitable for rods from 4/5 to 8/9 and everything in between. Available in 10-12-14-16 and 18 gram versions, the heads are between 5.7m and 6.2m long. The ULS 3D + heads now offer the possibility to fish with light equipment as we do on Salmon and Sea trout. Also ideal for the use of trout ponds in connection with the rapid changing of sinking speed by using a different line.

These new lines are based on the 3D + concept. It offers you new possibilities for fishing with light rods in combination with sinking lines. They are designed to work well with big streamers, nymphs and dry flies. Balance these ULS 3D + heads with a 25lbs Compline II Shooting Line and you have complete control over the depth you want to fish. You can also reach an unforeseen quantity. They are all made with a 30Lbs core, have small welded loops on both sides and ID printing for easily recognizing the type of line.




ULS 3D+ Lines are available in the following versions:

  • Float: Bright Blue
  • F/H/S3: Chartreuse/Grey/Dark Grey
  • I/2/4: Blue/Dark Blue/Dark Grey
  • 1/3/5: Sea Green/Green Grey/Dark Grey
  • 2/4/6: Bright Grey/Dark Grey/Black 
  • Yellow - 10gr - #4/5
  • Green - 12gr - #5/6
  • Blue - 14gr - #6/7
  • ?       - 16gr 7/8
  • ?       - 18gr 8/9

Finally, we want to share the new FAVO reels with you. They offer an unprecedented Price / Quality ratio. We understand that people sometimes buy cheap Chinese reels. Although they discover that it is not really a top-notch. Qflyshop does not sell junk ... period! But Guideline now comes with a reel that is good and cheap! The FAVO 46 costs € 118.95, maybe slightly more expensive than the Chinese reels. But I assure you that the slip is really crazy and many times better than those of all other budget reels. The best part is that you will receive a FREE backing from us. That makes the price very attractive and you have a quality reel that also looks very nice!





Last update: February 21, 2018

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