6-piece Rods HOT or NOT?

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The market for 6-piece double handed rods is growing fast, more people are traveling around the globe every year to fish the most beautiful places on the planet. These day's airline companies are charging extra for taking a rod with you on the plane up to 75 euro one way. A travel rod will fix this problem for you, but are they good enough?

This question is easy to answer when you've fished with these rods like we did, YES they are amazing rods. Let me explain you why they are so great. Years ago when 2-piece rods were the norm we asked the same question about 4-piece rods. Now they are the standard and for a good number of reasons. They cast just as good as a 2-piece rod and they are far more practical in every day use.

A 6-piece double handed fly rod is easy to take with you on an airplane, they will fit in almost every normal suitcase. But they are also much more practical in a car or even on a bike because of there smaller travel size. Both the 12,7ft #8 and the 13,7ft #9 Atlas rods are just as small or even smaller than a 4-piece 9ft rod. Even the large 14,9ft #10 weight will fit in a suitcase that can go on the airplane.

The Mackenzie Atlas rods are raising the bar, this is not a promise but reality. The Atlas rods are one of the very best rods we have ever fished with. They cast like a dream and have a nice progressive action with fast recovery. No wonder the 13,7ft 9wt Atlas rod won the best in test in double handed rod  for 2014 Trout and Salmon magazine the UK’s premier fishing magazine, and it has had great review in the other publications.

With the clever design of this rod the Mackenzie DTX team ( Designed Through eXperience) created a rod series that can cast both Scandi and Skagit style lines equally well. Some other rod companies claim this, Mackenzie actually did it.

The Atlas rods feature a slightly shorter handle, making it easy to load your rod. The finish is top notch and the handle is made from quality cork with classy composite cork accents. The new quality double nut, down locking reel seat features a black glossy finish. All Atlas rods come with a handy triangular rod tube for easy transportation. A great bonus are the alignment dots, something all rods should have.

When you've put you rod together and go to the water to make your first casts you will notice it at once, or better put you won't notice a thing. These rods cast like a one piece rod, one of the things why we believe they are the best travel rods out on the market today.

The Mackenzie Atlas rods are progressive but have a fast recovery, making them both fun to cast and fish with. What sets them apart from other rods is that you can really power them. By that I mean you can create very fast line speeds by really jerking the rods with your bottom hand. There are very few companies that make a rod who can do this without makin the rod very hard. Those rods feel more like a broomstick than a fishing rod. This is why the Mackenzie rods are such great casting and fishing tools. It's no longer a secret that high line speed will let you cast further and much easier. The Atlas rods do just that, make casting easier and give you more distance!

What makes a certain rod the 'best' for you will aways be personal, but the Mackenzie Atlas series should be on every ones short list for sure!


  • Easy to travel with   
  • Save on travel cost by airplane
  • Beautiful quality finish
  • Casts just as good as a 4-piece rod
  • Suited for both Scandi and Skagit lines

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