Mini Pattegrissen

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The Pattegrissen is one of the most popular flies for coastal seatrout. But the mini version maybe even better. Here is the tying recipe...

Fasten your tying thread to the hook.

Tie in a small bunch of Mallard (duck) fibers.

Now add some spey hackle fibers, 1.5x the length of the mallard.

Hackle a small spey hackle feather for more vollume and movement.

Create a dubbing loop, tie in some flash and the eyes.

Put the SLF dubbing in your loop and give it a spin!

It should look something like this... brush it hard and pick it out with your needle.

Dub the body and figure 8 the eyes, trim to desired shap with your scissors.

Your mini pattegrissen or pigler is done!

  • Hook: Daiichi 2546 #8
  • Thread: Textreme Fluo Orange 6/0
  • Tail: Mallard and Speyhackle
  • Flash: Midge Kristal Flash Pearl
  • Eyes: Twin eyes, mono eyes, easy shrimp eyes, beadchain etc.
  • Body: SLF Saltwater Fl. Shell Pink (in a loop)



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