New Abel Super Series Fly Reel

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Abel reels has introduced a new or better said an updated version of their popular Super series reels. The new super model now has a handy quick change spool that we like a lot. Yet it is a little lighter then the 'old' super series reels! Abel also changed their clicker set-up, they are now both on the top side of the reel. This means they are able to port the bottom of the reel. Because the 'old' model had a clicker at that position, they could not do this on the previous model. The Arbour has also increased, so more line pick-up with every turn you make... great job Abel!

Because of the quick change spool the reels have lost the nut on the dragknob. We think this looks much better in every way. So can Abel make one of the very best reels even better? Yes they can! The differences are small but everything combined they made some really good changes.

The Super Series do not have the ultra low startup inertia of the Abel SD and SDS reels. But when you're not fishing super light tippets you will never notice this at all. I have caught my first Bonefish and Permit on an Abel Super reel. And until this day I still love my Abel reels. Now I hear you say... they aren't cheap... true! But the machining is the very best money ca buy, period. And the finishes Abel offers are simply breath taking and something special indeed. 

They are the only company I now of that does their own anodizing in house. Abel polishes every single reel by hand before the do this. This sets them apart from the rest and you can see the craftsmanship immediately. No other reel is machined so precisely and finished so beautifully, there is only one... Abel!

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