NEW Guideline Fly Fishing gear for 2019!

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Guideline will release many new fly fishing items for 2019! Including new rods, reels, lines and much more exiting stuff. Brian Storup who is the sales representative for Guideline has visited our shop to tell us all about the yet to be released gear for 2019. We also had the chance to cast with the new rods and lines and actually touch the new reels.

Lets start with the new rods, the NT8 Four will be released early 2019. These are all 4-piece models based uppon the 6-piece NT8 rods that we love so much! They will also release some new switch and singlehand rods in this series. We have cast with the new 9ft #7 model with the all new Coastal line and it was an amazing flyrod / line combination!

Models            Line                Length

NT8FOUR      #7                    9'

NT8FOUR      #8                    9'

NT8FOUR      #7/8                11'9"

NT8FOUR      #8/9                11'9"

NT8FOUR      #8/9                12'9"

NT8FOUR      #9/10              13'9"

NT8FOUR      #10/11             14'9"

NT8FOUR      #10/11             15'9"

We are also very exited about the Fario NT8 Rods, coming in 4 models ranging from a 9ft 4-weight to a 9'9ft 6-weight. They are very light and you can feel the blank all the way through to the handle, super nice flex! But they still have a very quick recovery, the ideal mix between power and fishability. The are all 4-piece models.

Some more rods will be realeased as well, including ULS Hybrid rods designed for the ULS lines. These will be 10ft rods with a spey handles on the bottom. Hope they will cast a nice as the Guideline Elevate rods that we love to use with the ULS lines. There will also be a new budget nymph line of rods coming out called LP's. in 2,3 and 4-weight options. 

Guideline Reels!

This is the new HALO reel that will replace the Haze V2 reels. It's design is based on the Vosso and FAVO reels. It is CNC machined and built on a modern disc drag concept with carbon and stainless discs stacked against each other. 

There are a total of 6 models available and they will ft rods from #2 up to #10/11. All models have a rim cage to stabilize the frame and prevent thin Shooting Lines from getting caught between frame and spool. The retrieve
direction on the reels is easy to change and only takes a couple of minutes to perform. HALO has a Dark Grey/Blue glossy fnish on the frame and spool, with chrome knobs and details. Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.
New, solid and strong version of our popular Vosso reels. The “HD” features the same strong and bulletproof drag system but has a solid backside frame and a front spool side that also is solid. This adds further weight to the reels,
which will make them balance even better on long rods or rods with heavier top halves.
Vosso HD 911 – 272 gr
Vosso HD 1113 – 297 gr
NEW Vosso Color options for 2019!
For season 2019 our workhorse Vosso will be available in two new colors: Silver and Dark Azur. You will also fnd spare spools in the same colors. These are the strongest and most advanced reels in the Guideline family, ever... VOSSO combines a striking design, featuring a super strong truss construction and a rock solid dragsystem, totally unaffected by outside conditions such as temperature change, water, moisture or dirt. The absolutely waterproof and strong drag system is constructed around a stack of carbon and stainless discs.
New coastal line from Guideline! Coastal Evolve - Slow & Fast Int.
The brand new Coastal Evolve lines feature tweaked tapers with even more velocity to turn over nicely in the winds often encountered on the coast. These lines also have improved and slightly thinner diameter running lines,which will increase the casting distance considerably due to the reduced friction, this lower diameter has through the guides. The lines have a two-tone light green color with a hot orange loading zone. Head length on all lines is 10,3 meters/33 feet. Total length is 30 meters. Available in WF5 – WF9 in Slow and Fast Intermediate.
Coastal Evolve WF5 10,3 m/33 feet 13,5 grams/210 grains
Coastal Evolve WF6 10,3 m/ 33 feet 15,5 grams/240 grains
Coastal Evolve WF7 10,3 m/ 33 feet 17,5 grams/270 grains
Coastal Evolve WF8 10,3 m/ 33 feet 19,5 grams/300 grains
Coastal Evolve WF9 10,3 m/ 33 feet 21,5 grams/330 grains

Predator Evolve WF

This new and improved version of our classic Pike WF fy line turned out so good so they had to give it new name:  Predator. This line still features the same excellent taper, but in addition, they have taken advantage of new
machine and computer-technology and have manage to reduce the running line diameter so this line casts further and with more controlled turn-over than before. This will be especially noticeable when it is used while wading and having to
manage coils of running line in the water. It has a positive turnover and nice push, but still smooth enough to be used
with streamers and smaller baitfsh. Available in WF7 - WF10 in Float, Float/Hoover/Intermediate & Sink1/Sink3.
The length of the belly is 10,6 meters and the total length of the line is 28 meters.
These are the highlights from the new additions to the Guideline line-up. There will also be some new clothing coming out and we are very exited to see their leaders in very affordable 3-packs! 
Please comment if you have any questions and keep coming back to our BLOG for update on new gear!
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