Polarized Sunglasses for Fly Fishing!

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Are good polarized sunglasses really necessary for fly fishing? We can be brief about that ... YES!

Many fly fishermen think they don't need a pair of good quality fly-fishing glasses. Good polarized sunglasses are indispensable for almost any type of fly fishing. Whether it's spotting a Trout in a river, a Bonefish on the flats or a Salmon in a pool ... when you can see the fish properly you are able to fish better and more effectively. A good pair of polarized sunglasses are even indispensable for many forms of fly fishing.guideline-Alta-Polarizing-Sunglasses

Guideline Alta Photo Chromatic sunglasses, photo chromatic lenses adapt to the light by darkening or becoming lighter.

There are roughly two types of lenses, plastic and glass, here are the pro's and cons.


Best view

Easy to clean

Very scratch resistant

Heavier than plastic

More expensive


Light weight

Cheaper compared to glass

Does not break easily 

Scratches quickly

Hard to clean properly

For a relatively low amount you already own a pair of good polarized sunglasses. The glasses from Guideline look good and are affordable. Not only your eyes well protected against hooks during casting (ouch!) But you see more and therefore your catches will go up. The lenses are all plastic, but some are even Photo Chromatic. That means that they color (lighter / darker) with the present light conditions, very handy.


Costa Permit with 580G green mirror lenzen ( copper + green mirror is ideal for flats fishing )

If you want the best of the best, then the sunglasses of Costa are the ultimate ones. Now they aren't cheap to be honest. But you get the Ferrari under the flyfishing glasses for sure. Good glasses will last for many, many years and if you are smart you will have (travel) insurance against accidents. Fishing a lifetime with a pair of good glasses is certainly not unthinkable. Advantages of the 580G (G stands for Glass) lenses is that they are also very easy to clean. Also plastic scratches quite easy because it is softer. Because of those little scratches, your vision deteriorates quickly and you will see less.

Times like these is were you need a pair of good polarized sunglasses!

Another important aspect is the color of the lenses. I always have two different ones, one for all-round conditions and one for low-light fishing. The most all-round color is copper / brown. Yellow is best for low light and crystal-clear rivers. A yellow pair of sunglasses ensures maximum contrast so that the fish can be seen much better. Gray colors are actually not suitable for fly fishing, unless you are actually going to do some of-shore fishing for Marlin or Sailfish for example.

Always wear copper / brown glasses at all times, but be sure to try yellow lenzes. You will be amazed!


The Qflyshop Team always wear a good pair of polaroids ;-)

We won't bore you to death with sientific bullsh*t or fancy marketing recitals, but the message is this... buy a good pair of glasses whether it is a plastic or a glass version. Always protect your eyes and allow yourself to look through the watersurface and glare with your polarized glasses and actually spot the fish and just enjoy being out on the water!


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