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It has been busy at Qflyshop the last couple of months. More and more customers are finding our flyshop and that is great news. We are also very proud that we have a large group of regular customers from all over the world. We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us! Making it possible for Qflyshop to grow and offer new fly fishing and fly  tying materials to all of you. It's awesome that we have shipped Rods, Reels and fly tying materials to countries like Australia, USA, France, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Poland and Russia to name a few. We again would like to thank you all for your support !

Mainly because of your support we have added new items to the shop and more to come soon!

  • Double pupil lead eyes, the best looking lead eyes we have ever seen.
  • Griffin hairstacker and rotating hackle pliers.
  • STS Trilobal dubbing, great dubbing for Salmon and Steelhead flies.
  • Flashabou Original, the flashabou from Hedron.
  • Cactus Chenille (medium).
  • Fusion Fly Tying, Greg Senyo's new fly tying book.
  • Micro Silicone Legs, 1/2 the size and great for Bonefish and Permit flies.
  • Cliff Bugger Beast and we are worling on custom boxes... stay tuned.
  • Marabou strung en XL back in-stock and a new color Shrimp Pink.
  • Rabbit strips Two-Toned, 4 new colors.
  • Lead eyes red back in-stock
  • Veevus GSP 50 denier
  • Fly Foam 1.5 and 3mm
  • Ice Dub, new colors: Shrimp Pink, Cinnamon and Pink.
  • Senyo's barred predator wrap UV back in-stock.
  • Ultimate Dubbing brush is back !
  • Petitjean Magictool Micro

And lot's more! if you have any questions? send us an e-mail !

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