Regal Revolution Vise Review

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Regal Revolution Vise Review

Regal Revolution Vise

The Revolution is a top end fly tying vise made in the USA by Regal, and it is a full rotary vise that uses ball bearings so you can spin the vise very easily. The three things that I noticed right away with this vise is it’s great hook holding capability, it’s simple but effective way of placing a hook in the vise and the third thing you’ll notice right away is the quality of the materials used on this vise. While this is the top vise Regal offers, the pricing is very competitive compared to the top vises like the C&F reference and the Petitjean & Renzetti master vises. All these vises will cost almost double or even more compared to the Regal Revolution, so you get value and a vise worth your hard earned cash in our humble opinion.

Let’s go a little deeper into what makes this vise so amazing:

The Revolution vise is a true rotary vise that uses ball bearings, just like the Norvise we really like. You can spin materials around the hook shank with amazing speed, and it will spin ultra smooth! This works a lot better than with vises that don’t make use of ball bearings. You can adjust the tension quit easily to your preferred setting, so it spins exactly the way you want it to or even lock it completely. You can also change the pitch and angle of the vise, which is great when you want to tie small flies like midges and small nymphs or dries.

The hook holding power is amazing it doesn’t matter if you tie a super tiny size #22 dry fly or a large fly for fish like Pike, Muskie or Tarpon. The head has a groove that will let you use even very large hooks for these big predators. The pedestal base is made of bronze and is nice and heavy. It also has five pockets that can hold stuff like hooks, bead and cones etc. Another cool feature is a small magnet on top of the vise that can hold hooks or tools. That last feature is a material holder that is very handy for getting stuff out of the way when tying, like tinsel and ribbing. If you don’t like this material clip you can always remove it.

To conclude things, let me say this is one of the most solid vises I have ever tied on and yes I have tied on almost all vises out on the market today. It isn’t cheap but compared to the competition offers real bang for buck. The easy of operation and amazing built quality makes this vise probably the best vise out on the market!

Regal Vise




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