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We updated the webshop with lot's of cool new fly tying items!

    - Marabou strung and large X-Select feathers, both top quality feathers!
    - EP shrimp brushes, tan and shrimp pink
    - Micro pearl flashabou and Lateral scale flash in normal and micro
    - Sculpin helmets olive en brown
    - Oval 3D eyes, the best looking eyes
    - Bug Collars, great Fluo and metallic rings to create a hotspot on your fly
    - Big Game Shanks, 40mm & 80mm extra strong shanks for Pike, Muskie and Saltwater patterns
    - Micro Pulsator Rabbit Strips in normal and tiger, the best quality zonkers available!
    - Fish Masks!
    - Rabbit Strips in normal and tiger, the best quality zonkers available!
    - Crosscut Strips Blue, Black Purple, Baby Blue for the Steelhead MOL leeches
    - Daiichi Intruder hooksin Red en Black nickle #1 the perfect size for Steelhead!
    - Lot's of Ice Dub and the boxes are back in stock!
    - Goose Biots for the Prince Nymph
    - Predator Flash normal and holo, 20" - 53cm long!!! great for large Pike and Muskie flies
    - ZudBubbler Poppers, super light weight and makes a great popper for Pike, Baby Tarpon etc.
    - And lot's more! so take a look in our webshop!

    We also get a order in from FutureFly this week with some new stuff!


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