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New Steelhead Patterns

Recently some cool new Steelhead patterns have come out like the Dirty Hoh and Camo Squid designed by Jerry French and the Steelhead Monster and Slammer by myself. Let take a look at what make them special and what materials are used to tie them. 

All these patterns use a lot of contrast in the fly it self, and the use different materials combined together to make them swim in any current. Rabbit it still used in a lot of Steelhead flies and one of my own personal favorite materials! But it is heavier then lets say a hair wing, or a wing made of US Opossum with its ultra thin skin. But man… it really makes your fly come alive! And is available in a lot of cool colors. But US Opossum is now also available in some very cool colors for Steelhead, like: pink/purple tips black&blue, black, claret, pink, fuchsia etc. The big pro for the US Opossum is when wet it’s a lot lighter compared to a Rabbit strip. Making it much easier to cast.  The dirty hoh, camo squid and monster designs all use a single front shoulder. That creates a large silhouette but it’s easier to cast & sink then a double-shouldered fly like an intruder. So still a sparse fly but with a large attractive silhouette. In the monster I use a stiff hackle and dubbing to create a solide base for the softer materials like marabou and mini ostrich hackle. That way they don’t collapse in strong currents, and by adding a small 6mm FutureFly Hybridcone we make sure that silhouette stays large in the water!  The dirty hoh and camou squid use mainly dubbing to create that shoulder… the Steelhead Ice Dubbing is great for this type of fly and Jerry uses this exact dubbing for his own flies. 

The Steelhead Slammer uses a 6mm FutureFly UFO disc or an 6mm Hybridcone to make that US Opossum wing swim like nothing else! Combine that with some neon red rubberlegs, some mini ostrich, fluoro fiber and a little flash and you get an amazing Steelhead pattern. One that will give you the advantage, that little extra for your day out on the river chasing the fish of a thousand casts. 

So for you next trip make sure you tie some of these new patterns!

Special thanks to Jerry French for the inspiration!

Last update: July 19, 2015

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