Steelhead Shrimp

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Based on the popular seatrout fly the Pattegrisen, but adjusted for Steelhead fishing. This is a great fly for clear water in B.C and on numerous rivers in the North West. It is easy to tie, with just a couple of materials and about 3 inches in length. We already know this is an amazing Steelhead fly and we sure gonna fish it during our up coming trip to B.C in just a couple of weeks.


Put your hook ( Daiichi 2052 #5 ) in the vise and rap 4-6 winding of lead wire around the hook shank. Secure it with thread and a little Zap a Gap.


Tie in some spey fibers, if you don't have spey hackles you can substitute it with marabou.


Create a small ball with some shrimp dub and tie in two Lady amherst fibers.


Now tie in the EP shrimp eyes, make sure you secure them and add a drop of Zap a Gap.


Tie in the mono ribbing and a spey hackle, next thing is to create the first half of the body with some shrimp dub. Then hackle forward and tie off the hackle.


Tie in the second spey hackle and dub the second part of the body. Again hackle the spey feather forward and tie off the feather.


Now tie in some pink EP fiber about 3mm in front of the hook eye. Now pull the EP fiber and rib the body with the mono. Make sure you pull hard on the EP fiber and mono! Use your dubbing needle to free the trapped spey fibers. Now tie off and secure with Zap a Gap.

Tip: Look closely to the last photo, here you can see where I start tying... about 5mm in front of the hook point. So not to far back... this way the fly will get the right proportions and you have a better chance at hooking that monster Steelhead that took you a thousand or more casts!

Hook: Daiichi 2052 #5

Thread: Textreme 6/0 Fluo hot orange

Hackel: Spey hackle shrimp pink

Ribbing: Mono 18/100

Eyes: EP crab & shrimp eyes black

Body: Gam dubbing shrimp pink

Antenna: Lady amherst shrimp pink

Weight: Lead or copper wire

Shellback: EP fibers pink


Last update: December 09, 2018

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