Pike Tube Flies

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Pike / Muskie Tube Flies


Not only in The Netherlands but all over the world people love to fish for Pike and Muskie. Traditionally the flies we use for these large predator fish are tied on large hooks. We all know that they catch fish! But is there’s another way to tie your large flies, yes on tubes!

The big advantage of tying your large flies on a tube is that you can make it any size you like. And you can also make sure that your hook is in the exact spot you want it to be! Another big plus is that you are now able to use a short shank hook on your flies! So that means a lot less fish lost! Because the hook now no longer provides leverage, so you’ll catch more fish!  But the biggest advantage is that with a small short shank hook you don’t damage the fish a much as you would by using a large normal hook. Take care of your fish!

Rigging your tube fly is very easy, just use some knottable titanium wire ( we use Knot2Kinky!) Thread it through you tube fly and attach a straight eyed hook like an Gamakatsu SC15. Pull the hook into the tube an you’re done!

Want to use really large hooks that don’t fit into the 3mm tubing… Use a small piece of silicone (3-4mm) over your hook eye and let your fly slide free over your titanium wire… that works just fine!

So buy a few tubes and cones a tie some tube flies for your Pike/Muskie fishing!

Last update: October 19, 2017

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