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Door Kees Pootjes, fotografie: Jelle Westerhuis

Vandaag wil ik jullie graag laten zien hoe je op een eenvoudige wijze een Sedge kunt binden. Sedges -ook wel caddisfly genoemd of in goed Nederlands: een Kokerjuffer- komen overal ter wereld voor en staan hoog op het verlanglijstje van de diverse vissoorten waar wij zo graag op vissen, zowel in de nymph-uitvoering als droge vlieg. In dit geval betreft het de versie van een droge vlieg.

Wanneer je ergens nieuw aan een rivier staat is een Sedge vaak een goede keuze om mee te beginnen; zeker in de avonduren. Pas uitgekomen Sedges doen dan vaak pogingen om wat onbeholpen zwemmend de oever...

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Van de redactie:

Onze nieuwe gastbinder mag zo langzamerhand wel de nestor van het Nederlandse vliegbinden genoemd worden. Het gaat namelijk om Kees Pootjes!Kees vliegvist al vanaf 1973 en bindt sinds die tijd ook zijn eigen vliegen. Hij werd daarin, binnen zeer korte tijd, heel bedreven en was dan ook vanaf de eerste FlyFair een van de vaste gastbinders en is daarnaast te gast geweest op veel vliegvisclubs en vliegvis-evenementen in binnen- en buitenland.

Misschien dat zijn werk als fijn-instumentmaker hem wel geholpen heeft om dit zo snel onder de knie te krijgen want ook in daar moet je beschikken over een goed oog-hand...

Yes! a very large selection of Whiting Farms Capes and Saddles is on it's way to Europe. On a side note... only a few people know that the Q in Qflyshop actually stands for Quality. We only offer quality flyfishing gear and materials that we would like to fish and tie flies with ourselfs. All Whiting products are of exceptional quality so we are happy to become a dealer.
We have been comparing Capes and Saddles from many companies lately, in search of the best feathers for you! Now to be honest, there are cheaper options available. But sometimes spending a little more on a product means that in the long run, it is a cheaper...

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After a very successful Dutch Fly Fair in 2016, we can enjoy another edition of the Fly Fair this year. Qflyshop is taking this edition to another level... literally and figuratively! with a stand of no less than 100m2. The location is chosen so that we are directly on the water and that you can test various rods and lines, both single and double-handed. Want to see if the Douglas SKY really is the best 9ft # 6 rod? Or try one of the new single handed Mackenzie FX1 rods? It's all possible during the Fly Fair.Beyond that we bring well-known fly fishing brands like, Thomas and Thomas, Douglas Outdoors, Abel Reels, Ross Reels, Galvan Reels,...

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Fly-fishing is not only a fishing technique. It's above all a way to meet mother nature, to know it, contemplate it and finally respect it bettter. More than just going fishing, it's also the beginning of new adventures... You will discover in this movie, what flyfishing is and a modern vision of fishing. My vision of fishing.

La pêche à la mouche n'est pas une simple technique de pêche. C'est aussi le moyen de se retrouver dans la nature, apprendre à la connaître, la contempler pour mieux la respecter. Bien plus que le simple acte de la pêche, c'est surtout l'appel de l'aventure...
Ce film vous fera découvrir ce qu'est la pêche à...

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We are stoked to have become a certified dealer for Europe for Thomas and Thomas rods! We all know that the fit and finish of Thomas and Thomas fly rods is unparalleled. And with the new owner comes a new line of rods that still have that amazing finish but better blanks and better performance throughout the whole range. The Avantt fresh water rods and Exocett saltwater rods are just amazing. Combine that with the rich history behind the company, 100% made in the USA and looks that will break your hart we don't have to tell you that T&T is back in a big way!

Qflyshop will carry a large number of rods and rods that we don not stock at...

The Fly Tying and Fly Fishing assortment is growing again! Thanks to all of your support we can offer you the latest and greatest materials. We have already added both Abel and Ross reels and Guideline is coming with some new items for next season as well. Read about the Guideline news by clicking this LINK. Mackenzie DTX is coming with new Spey, Skagit and Shootinghead lines as well as 6-piece FX1 rods!

But we are going to  focus on the fly tying materials in this article, let's dive into it! We are proud to tell you we have become a Fish Hunter dealer. The Steelhead cracks among us certainly know about their materials. But not a lot...

For the new fly-fishing season, Guideline is introducing a number of very interesting new products! That is why we will expand our productrange  with : Waders, Wading boots, Wading jackets and of course Rods, Reels and Lines. Everyone wants to fish in good waders and preferably with a zipper on the front which is so handy for our men. But the prices at some manufacturers are way too high. The price of € 999 for waders is really absurd and unnecessary. Guideline comes with the Experience Sonic T-Zip wader, this suit is made like the Alta waders in the Haglöfs factory. Quality and a good fit are guaranteed. We have already fished a season...

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Coming Soon!

Yes it's time for another update, new brands and materials are added to the shop!

Ross Reels USA makes some of the very best and beautiful fly reels on the planet. They need no introduction and we are very proud to have become a certified Ross Reels dealer for Europe. Some reels have already been added to the shop and more models will follow end of March beginning of April 2018. Ross is known for their amazing price/quality and super light weight reels. 

Abel Reels, made for chaos! These reels are the very best fly reels in the world. Maybe not cheap, but they will last a lifetime and even longer. Something special you can hand...

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We are very proud to become an official Ross Reels dealer for Europe. Ross makes some of the nicest reels on the market that perform on the water day in and day out. Their price/quality ratio is unheard off! From now on you can buy your Ross reels from a trusted source in Europe. We as Qflyshop are very proud we are working with Ross reels USA.

Ross Reels is a fly fishing company

Founded in 1973, our business is now recognized as the leading fly tackle manufacturer in the United States. We strive to build the highest quality products available and our commitment to technical innovation and customer service shows in everything we...

Abel reels has introduced a new or better said an updated version of their popular Super series reels. The new super model now has a handy quick change spool that we like a lot. Yet it is a little lighter then the 'old' super series reels! Abel also changed their clicker set-up, they are now both on the top side of the reel. This means they are able to port the bottom of the reel. Because the 'old' model had a clicker at that position, they could not do this on the previous model. The Arbour has also increased, so more line pick-up with every turn you make... great job Abel!

Because of the quick change spool the reels have lost the...

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Sorry Dutch Only

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By far the best ever rod series we have created in this price range. The looks, the components, the low weight, the finish and the balance in these rods are all remarkable. This is a complete range with a total of eighteen fly rods starting with an ultra-sweet 7’6 #3 rod and finishing with a powerful, yet lightweight 14’8 #10/11 and covering everything in between.

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Available Soon! in Europe Abel Fly Reels at Qflyshop

Abel USA makes some of the best fly reels for almost 30 years. They are know for making reels of the highest quality and for their amazing reel finishes. Abel hand polishes every single reel, you see and feel the craftsmanship they put into all of their reels and accessories. Our first batch of reels are being made right now and even more will come in the rest of the season. If you are looking for something special? Please do not hesitate and contact us we will do our very best to help you create your own custom flyfishing reel.

We are proud to donate 10% of each sale towards...

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We have added a lot of new items to the Shop and Guideline is coming with some very exciting new items!

Short list of new materials:

  • Edge Bright in 3 colors
  • Daiichi 2421 Salmon Hooks
  • Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons
  • Halve Grizzly Saddles
  • Super Fine Barred Marabou
  • Micro Crusher Legs
  • PlanD Boxes for Steelhead Flies tied on shanks
  • Danville Nylon Floss
  • UV Polar Chenille
  • Ice Dub i3 new colors
  • STS Trilobal Dubbing
  • Zonker Strips New colors
  • FutureFly Lobster Grip back in-stock
  • FutureFly tubes 2 new colors in 1.8 & 3mm

Many new Guideline products!

The new Elevate rods are amazing in every way!



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