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April Vokey explains why rhe is so great and how to use it...

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We had to wait some time for them, but the are finally here! Two new Mackenzie rods in the Atlas travel series. We love to travel with these 6-piece rods and they feel just like a 4-piece rod. The new additions are a 12.7ft #8 and the 11.4ft #8 switch rod. Both are what you would expect from a Mackenzie, great casting rods with a beautiful finish. It doesn't matter if you want to trow a shooting head or a skagit line with these rods, they do both equally well. If you are looking for a Steelhead, Seatrout or light Atlantic salmon rod that is easy to travel with look no further!

We expect the rods to arrive with in a few day's !

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Want to know which Spey line do you need?

Many people contact us with the question which spey line they need. In the following article I hope to inform you about which line is right for you. There is a big difference in swinging a large Intruder with lead eyes for winter Steelhead and hitching a tiny tube trying to entice an Atlantic salmon to rise and take your fly. Both methods ask for a very different type of spey line and tip. For example, the large heavy Intruder asks for a Skagit Compact line with a heavy Flo or Sink-Tip. You need this line for you to be able to even cast the fly to were the fish is. On the other hand the hitched...

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Paradise Found

not a monster but strong and beautiful

There is just something magical about flats fishing. Nothing beats being in one of the most special places on this planet trying to get these fish to eat your fly. But why is this place a true fly anglers paradise? A big chuck of why it’s so special, Has everything to do with the most diverse and spectacular saltwater fly fishing possibly anywhere on the planet.

nice bonefish

The lakes and its location in the middle of the two bays is the reason that Dial Duncan build paradise lodge at this spot 20 years ago!

The lodge is super comfy with specious air-conditioned rooms,...

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The Tiger Snealda is one of the most popular flies for Atlantic Salmon last season. In this tutorial we tie this amazing pattern, it is also a great fly for Steelhead. With a Steelie Blue zonker, blue rubber legs and a hot orange cone perhaps!?

Tube: FutureFly 1.8 & 3mm clear, US tube 6mm gold
Thread: Textreme 6/0 black
Tail: Micro pulsator rabbit strip
Flash: Midge flash gold
Legs: FutureFly rubber legs yellow/black & orange/black
Eyes: EP crab&shrimp eyes x-small black
Body: ICE dub uv black
Ribbing: Medium oval tinsel gold
Hackle: FutureFly hen hackle yellow & black
Cone: FutureFly 4mm hybridcone gold

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Regal Revolution Vise Review

The Revolution is a top end fly tying vise made in the USA by Regal, and it is a full rotary vise that uses ball bearings so you can spin the vise very easily. The three things that I noticed right away with this vise is it’s great hook holding capability, it’s simple but effective way of placing a hook in the vise and the third thing you’ll notice right away is the quality of the materials used on this vise. While this is the top vise Regal offers, the pricing is very competitive compared to the top vises like the C&F reference and the Petitjean & Renzetti master vises. All these vises will cost almost...

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New materials in the webshop

  •     Marabou Strung, new colors now 19 in totaal
  •     Marabou XL back in stock
  •     Regal Revolution Vise
  •     Senyo's Fusion Dubbing
  •     Loco legs, we now stock every color!
  •     Daiichi 3111 4/0 & 6/0, for the Pike tubefly lovers
  •     Daiichi 2051, size #1.5
  •     GSP tying thread
  •     Loon, o.a Hard Head black, Aluminium Caddy and more.
  •     5 new dubbing boxes
  •     Tear Mender Glue for the MOL leeches

and much more! so take a look on our website!

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We are very proud to have become a dealer of Mackenzie DTX. The rods and lines are on their way and will be added to the website very soon! Not on the Mackenzie website but... we can also supply the 18ft DTX G2 competion rod and competion lines!

  • DTX G2 Spey rods
  • DTX G2 Shooting head rods
  • Perflex rods
  • Singlehand rods
  • DTX G2 Shooting head lijnen

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This is my go to pattern for big Bonefish. When Bonefish get over 6-8 pound they get smart, spooky and often feed more selective. They don't act the same as a 3-4 pound fish... so you need another fly to target those bigger Bonefish.

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Talking about the best Steelhead flies from our last trip to Canada B.C. We fished for three weeks in some of the best Steelhead rivers in Northern British Columbia. We experimented with new and upgraded good 'ol trusted patterns. If you have any questions feel free to post down below or contact us by e-mail. And please like us on Facebook!


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New Tie2throw, this time we tied a Trout streamers for you. A good looking but also very effective pattern for those large trout that feed mainly on baitfish.

  • Hook:  TMC 5262 #6
  • Thread: Textreme 8/0 Light Olive
  • Butt: UNI Yarn Chinese Red
  • Ribbing: Copperwire Medium
  • Body: Hare XL Dubbing Light Olive or Hare Mask
  • Throat: ICE DUB Orange
  • Wing: Squirrel zonker
  • Collar: Squirrel
  • Bead: 3.8mm Tungsten bead Orange Metallic

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We received a new shipment from FutureFly with some exiting new fly tying materials!

  • Marabou Fox
  • Round Rubber legs (in lot's of cool colors)
  • Signature Dubbing
  • New colors of Metallic Flatbraid
  • Predator Tubes
  • Predator Tube Needle
  • Marble Fox Kingfisher Blue











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One of the best Steelhead Flies, now tied quick and easy with the Norvise!

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We updated the webshop with lot's of cool new fly tying items!

    - Marabou strung and large X-Select feathers, both top quality feathers!
    - EP shrimp brushes, tan and shrimp pink
    - Micro pearl flashabou and Lateral scale flash in normal and micro
    - Sculpin helmets olive en brown
    - Oval 3D eyes, the best looking eyes
    - Bug Collars, great Fluo and metallic rings to create a hotspot on your fly
    - Big Game Shanks, 40mm & 80mm extra strong shanks for Pike, Muskie and Saltwater patterns
    - Micro Pulsator Rabbit Strips in normal and tiger, the best quality zonkers available!
    - Fish Masks!
    - Rabbit...

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Why use Loon Outdoors products? watch the video and you'll know why!

LOON OUTDOORS BEHIND THE SCENES from Loon Outdoors on Vimeo.

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Download the new Hareline 2014/2015 catalog!

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For some time now we have been e-mailing back and forward with Capt. Mel Simpson about fly tying and fishing. We were amazed by his unique Tarpon pattern a flatwing design from the first moment we laid eyes on it. I have some of Mel's flies and I can tell you the are amazing and catch fish for sure! We asked Mel if he would share his amazing pattern with us... and he was more than willing to share his pattern with us, so for that Mel thanks a lot !

Captain Mel Simpson, Florida guide and  flytyer

I live and guide on the west coast of Florida. Here we mostly sight cast to redfish, snook and tarpon. This area of Florida is where all...

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Tackle and equipment

Now that we know about the bonefish and his world let’s talk about the gear we need for catching bonefish. But before we start let me say this, everything you’ll read is my own opinion. And yes some other people may have different opinions. For me I want the best gear out there, because when I spend time out on the flats I don’t want to worry about anything. I just want to have a good time! So the last thing I need is the drag of my reel to breakdown or loosing a big fish because my leader breaks or my hook isn’t sharp anymore. That being said, you can and will catch bonefish with a really cheap outfit. It will...

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Finding and spotting bonefish

More often than not this is the most difficult aspect of the Bonefishing game. Especially when the sun is low on the horizon or obscured by clouds. The first time I went flats fishing for bonefish I could not believe there was a single fish on the flat. For more than an hour I just could not spot even a single fish. Until suddenly I spotted a tailing bonefish, it flashed its tail like a mirror and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. My hart raced… finally a bonefish! I could not believe my eyes, but it was there right in front of me! I waded very carefully towards the tailing fish and suddenly...

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Based on the popular seatrout fly the Pattegrisen, but adjusted for Steelhead fishing. This is a great fly for clear water in B.C and on numerous rivers in the North West. It is easy to tie, with just a couple of materials and about 3 inches in length. We already know this is an amazing Steelhead fly and we sure gonna fish it during our up coming trip to B.C in just a couple of weeks.

Put your hook ( Daiichi 2052 #5 ) in the vise and rap 4-6 winding of lead wire around the hook shank. Secure it with thread and a little Zap a Gap.

Tie in some spey fibers, if you don't have spey hackles you can substitute it with marabou.

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It's not always easy to tie very small but good looking and swimming Salmon flies. One of the best way's is to use US tubes from FutureFly. These small brass tubes work together with the 1.8mm inner tubing for the best small Atlantic Salmon flies you can think of. Because the US tubes are made of brass they also balance your hook, that way your fly will swim nice and straight through the pool. Give them a try and see for you self why they are perfect for these small Salmon flies. They are also great for small trout streamers!

The US tubes are available in 4 sizes:

6mm    0,20 gram

10mm  0,30 gram

13mm  0,40 gram

16mm  0,50...

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It's always fun to fill your fly boxes for your next trip, especially when that trip is going to British Columbia and you are soon in a river swinging for Steehead. A couple more weeks and I'll be standing in one of those great rivers swinging for steel... This is one of my favorite patterns, a variation of my Steelhead Monster Fly. Hope you like it!

Burn the 1.8mm inner tube en push it in to the 3mm outer tube, attach them together with your tying thread. Make sure the inner tube goes 1cm into the outer tube.

Make a dubbing loop and spin the black Ice Dub. Make sure you pick the dubbing out and brush it hard with a ultimate...

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Coming soon!


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