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We have added 3 great new brands to our shop!

  • OPST
  • ECHO
  • Pro Sportfisher




OPST, the best ostrich feathers on the planet better known as the 'drab' amazing for tying Steelhead and King salmon flies, Lazer running lines, intruder hooks and shanks, skagit lines and more...

ECHO, Skagit, Rage fly lines  and flow tips, made by Airflow and at an amazing price!

Pro Sportfisher, Angel hair flash, Angel hair HD flash, Pro angel dubbing, Micro tubes, Nano tubes, RAW weights, Drop weights, Marble fox and much more...

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By Anton Pousar

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We have the best quality Rhea feathers money can buy, and at a very affordable price. These are long AAA quality feathers. They are the same feathers Paul Miller uses for his world famous Steelhead patterns. So look no further for top quality Rhea super spey hackle.

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For who doesn't know yet... we have our own Youtube fly tying channel Tie2Throw. You can click on the link below to check it out!


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Sorry Dutch only :-(

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Sorry only available in Dutch

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Mikael Frodin talk about Atlantic salmon flies.

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The #1 Tube System

The FutureFly tube system can be used in many different ways. Tube flies offer endless possibilities and a lot of cool options like, different colored tubes, cones, discs and US tubes. All provide their own specific advantages we can use to create new and exciting fly patterns. Traditionally tube flies are used mainly for Atlantic salmon patterns, but many fly tiers found that they are also great for tying all sorts of patterns from large Pike flies to saltwater patterns. In this article I will show you the most popular methods used tying flies on tubes.







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In this episode of Tie2Throw I'm showing you how to tie a Camo Squid and use a composite loop. This may not be the easiest fy to tie but it's a lot of fun doing it. Plus this fly was one of the best from our last 3wk trip to B.C !

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Andrew Toft casting with the new Mackenzie competition line and 15ft DTX rod

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Pike / Muskie Tube Flies


Not only in The Netherlands but all over the world people love to fish for Pike and Muskie. Traditionally the flies we use for these large predator fish are tied on large hooks. We all know that they catch fish! But is there’s another way to tie your large flies, yes on tubes!

The big advantage of tying your large flies on a tube is that you can make it any size you like. And you can also make sure that your hook is in the exact spot you want it to be! Another big plus is that you are now able to use a short shank hook on your flies! So that means a lot less fish lost! Because the hook now no...

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New Steelhead Patterns

Recently some cool new Steelhead patterns have come out like the Dirty Hoh and Camo Squid designed by Jerry French and the Steelhead Monster and Slammer by myself. Let take a look at what make them special and what materials are used to tie them. 

All these patterns use a lot of contrast in the fly it self, and the use different materials combined together to make them swim in any current. Rabbit it still used in a lot of Steelhead flies and one of my own personal favorite materials! But it is heavier then lets say a hair wing, or a wing made of US Opossum with its ultra thin skin. But man… it really makes...

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The bonefish and its world

Bonefishing takes us to some of the worlds most beautiful and magical places. No wonder many people dream about sight fishing for bonefish and share memorable moments with friends, Good fishing and lots of smiles that’s what bonefishing is all about!

There are different species of bonefish all belonging to the Albulidae family. In the past we thought there was only one species of bonefish. But since then nine different species have been identified. There are 6 species in the Pacific and 3 species in the Caribbean, they look so much alike that most of the recognition has to be done by genetic analysis. The...

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Since I started with fly fishing I have dreamed about fishing for bonefish. The pictures in the books showed a tropical paradise where fishermen were wading in shallow warm water colored like emeralds, chasing after those perfect silver fish shaped like a bullet. These fish would rip the backing off your reel faster than any other fish and you could see it happen all right in front of you. Off course I was hooked from that moment myself. Someday it was going to be me standing in paradise casting to those amazing bonefish. Since then I have been fortunate to fish the flats on a regular basis in different places around the world....


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