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Cortland competition MKII nymph hengel
Cortland’s Competition MKII Nymph Fly Rods Built using carbon fiber of military grad..
€ 499,00
Cortland Nymph series hengels
Cortland’s Nymph series fly rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Bu..
€ 299,00
C&F small 8 row nymphing flybox with flip
Large capacity nymph-specic case with 3 foam faces Comes with 2 lockable storage wells for spli..
€ 35,90
C&F large 5 wor nymph waterproof flybox with 12 compartments
Micro Slit Foam is a concept by C&F Design for improved fly storage. Rows of foam with our paten..
€ 44,55
C&F plus one nymphing case
A neat and tidy fly box, designed to be super slim. Perfect for storing nymphs up to sizes 1o. ..
€ 14,90
RIO Euro Nymph
De nieuwe Rio Euro Nymph vliegvislijn is grondig doorgelicht en goedgekeurd door FIPS Mouche (F&eacu..
€ 69,90
Buggy Nymph Legs
Deze rubber legs zijn een stuk dunner dan de normale rubber legs! Dus perfect voor diverse Forel pat..
€ 3,75

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