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Since I started with fly fishing I have dreamed about fishing for bonefish. The pictures in the books showed a tropical paradise where fishermen were wading in shallow warm water colored like emeralds, chasing after those perfect silver fish shaped like a bullet. These fish would rip the backing off your reel faster than any other fish and you could see it happen all right in front of you. Off course I was hooked from that moment myself. Someday it was going to be me standing in paradise casting to those amazing bonefish. Since then I have been fortunate to fish the flats on a regular basis in different places around the world. And every time casting to bonefish is a good time, meeting new friends, finding new fishing spots and learning more about this great form of fly fishing. There is nothing better on a single hand rod for me then spotting, casting to and seducing a bonefish to take your fly. To see him eat your fly without hesitation and ripping your backing from your reel! Doesn’t hurt either that the weather is tropical, food amazing and the scenery and wildlife simply stunning.

So in the next chapters I would like to take you on a journey with me. So that you too can enjoy my adventures and maybe pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. 

Last update: July 25, 2015

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