Capt. Mel Simpson

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Al enige tijd hebben wij regelmatig contact met Mel Simpson over vliegvissen en binden. Wij waren zelf helemaal weg van zijn flatwing Tarpon vliegen, een radicaal ander ontwerp dan de standaard patronen. Ik heb inmiddels een aantal van Mel zijn vliegen in bezit en ze zijn prachtig en vangen zeker vis! Hier een stukje over Mel en zijn unieke flatwing Tarpon vliegen.

Captain Mel Simpson, visgids in Florida en vliegbinder

I live and guide on the west coast of Florida. Here we mostly sight cast to redfish, snook and tarpon. This area of Florida is where all the really large world record tarpon are caught.

As well as fishing with a fly it seems I have always tied flies, starting with steelhead and then saltwater flies in the 1980's. I like all types of materials and styles of flies and I am especially interested in new techniques. I only have one rule, a fly must catch fish before I share it.

The flat wing or “Fat Wing” as I now call it was designed to get an immediate strike response from the early very large tarpon of Homosassa in May. With the wide bold profile it's very visable to the big tarpon that won't travel far for a fly. I'm now using it all season, just changing the colors and size as I need.

The tying of this fly is quite simple the hard part is finding the proper feathers. I use Whiting American hen saddle in dyed white and grizzly. I first tie on some bucktail above the hook barb to prop up the wings and then I use 2 solid color slightly longer feathers and 2 grizzly feathers tied with the curved sides facing each other. I add a little flash and then cover the rest of the hook shank with marabou. I finish the fly with a collar of bright orange so that as the fly moves in the water I can see it. My hook choice is the Mustad Tarpon hook #C68SZ in 1/0 – 3/0.

Capt. Mel Simpson
St. Petersburg, FL  USA
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