Douglas SKY Best in Test 2016

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Douglas SKY #6 Best 6-weight rod in the 2016 Yellowstone Angler rod test!

De bekende en meest uitvoerige test ter wereld, wij wisten het al en U nu ook. De Douglas SKY is een geweldige vliegvis hengel die minder kost, beter presteert en met duurdere en luxere onderdelen is afgebouwd. De resultaten spreken voor zich!

2016   6-Weight results – a quick look     

 1. The amazing Douglas Sky dominated to take #1 over the new Loomis Asquith, in both the overall score and the performance categories. 

2. The high priced, exotic Loomis Asquith delivered in performance with its new spiral graphite wrap process and good looks, priced a whopping $1000,-

3. The Douglas DXF, at € 349.95 was our favorite mid-priced rod as it was in our last 5-weight shootout. 

The new Douglas Sky was a pleasant surprise to all of us!  This rod just did everything well.  Once in a while in our Shootouts we’ll find a rod that feels and performs so much better than anything else, and this is why we gave the Sky a perfect score in the Perfect 6 category.

At 30 feet it had a terrific feel and the accuracy was superb.  But at mid and long distance it gave us the kind of performance that few other rods could touch.  It formed effortless tight loops and delivered great accuracy.  Nearly all of our testers felt the same way.  Douglas sure came up with a winner with the Sky. Douglas is an American Company based in New York, but the rods are manufactured in Korea, with design work done in the United States.

The Sky is a handsome rod too, with a flat gray, non-glare finish and black wraps.  Douglas is one of the first manufacturers to use the new Fuji Torzite stripping guide that has a slight angle forward to allow the line to shoot more smoothly and the slickest ring in the business.  The rest of the guides are single foot, flexible nickel titanium guides that are very light.  This is one reason the Sky feels so light in your hand in terms of swing weight.  

The Sky has a western style grip with very high quality cork and contrasting rings top and bottom.  It looks good and feels good.  On these six-weight rods, I prefer this Western style cigar style grip to the full wells that works best on larger rods.  The Western grip on the Sky gave me better feel, especially when casting at shorter distances.  The reel seat is good looking gray anodized skeleton seat with double locking rings and a dark wood insert.  The locking rings have a thin nylon ring on top of them that allows a more secure lock-up than most standard rings.  The new rod sock they have designed is one of the best I’ve seen and will allow a wet rod to dry out quickly, even if you have to put it away wet.


Performance at 30 feet:  19.5 points out of 20

Extremely good feel in my hand – nice light swing weight and great accuracy.  The only thing better at short range was the Winston Air.

Performance at 50 feet:   20 points out of 20

Just effortless tight loops and wonderful accuracy.   Marginally better than the Asquith or Radian.   A very impressive performance.

Performance at 75 feet:   20 points out of 20

Another perfect performance from the Sky at long range.  Only the Asquith felt as good out long. 

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