This is why we fish is the new intro video of the Qflyshop Youtube channel! We only carry brands that we fish with ourselves. No matter what you use go out... fish! and have fun! 

The Fly Tying and Fly Fishing assortment is growing again! Thanks to all of your support we can offer you the latest and greatest materials. We have already added both Abel and Ross reels and Guideline is coming with some new items for next season as well. Read about the Guideline news by clicking this LINK. Mackenzie DTX is coming with new Spey, Skagit and Shootinghead lines as well as 6-piece FX1 rods!

But we are going to  focus on the fly tying materials in this article, let's dive into it! We are proud to tell you we have become a Fish Hunter dealer. The Steelhead cracks among us certainly know about their materials. But not a lot...

Yes it's time for another update, new brands and materials are added to the shop!

Ross Reels USA makes some of the very best and beautiful fly reels on the planet. They need no introduction and we are very proud to have become a certified Ross Reels dealer for Europe. Some reels have already been added to the shop and more models will follow end of March beginning of April 2018. Ross is known for their amazing price/quality and super light weight reels. 

Abel Reels, made for chaos! These reels are the very best fly reels in the world. Maybe not cheap, but they will last a lifetime and even longer. Something special you can hand...

Abel reels has introduced a new or better said an updated version of their popular Super series reels. The new super model now has a handy quick change spool that we like a lot. Yet it is a little lighter then the 'old' super series reels! Abel also changed their clicker set-up, they are now both on the top side of the reel. This means they are able to port the bottom of the reel. Because the 'old' model had a clicker at that position, they could not do this on the previous model. The Arbour has also increased, so more line pick-up with every turn you make... great job Abel!

Because of the quick change spool the reels have lost the...

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Available Soon! in Europe Abel Fly Reels at Qflyshop

Abel USA makes some of the best fly reels for almost 30 years. They are know for making reels of the highest quality and for their amazing reel finishes. Abel hand polishes every single reel, you see and feel the craftsmanship they put into all of their reels and accessories. Our first batch of reels are being made right now and even more will come in the rest of the season. If you are looking for something special? Please do not hesitate and contact us we will do our very best to help you create your own custom flyfishing reel.

We are proud to donate 10% of each sale towards...

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Some people have told us that they'd like a little more contrast between their OPST Commando Head and OPST Lazar running line. Enter the Hi-Viz Pink version of our popular Lazar Line. This stuff has everything you love about the original lazar line- practically zero memory, extreme slickness, and the durability to last for years- but in pink. This stuff looks absolutely awesome next to our Commando Heads. We are now taking pre-orders on this limited item. If people like it, we will keep it around.

Available soon in Europe at Qflyshop!

We are extremely happy to put the word out that we are now an official Costa sunglasses dealer. If you are looking for the best looking and performing sunglasses for fishing Costa is the way to go. Now finally available in Europe, Qflyshop carries all the popular Costa sunglasses in 580G (glass) and 580P (plastic)


  • From day one, our lenses have set us apart. All Costa lenses have 100% UV blockage for maximum protection and 100% polarization to kill reflected glare. Our 580 technology goes beyond polarization to produce the clearest lenses on the planet. It selectively filters out the harsh...

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Scott Mackenzie explains why the new Mackenzie FX1 rods are so special. We have tried these rods an we have only one word to explain how the fish and cast... AMAZING! Please watch this video and see why the Mackenzie FX1 rod is so revolutionary.

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The Mackenzie FX1 is the first double-handed salmon rod to use graphene, a Nobel Prize winning material that is set to revolutionize carbon-composite engineering. We’ve taken the best of our rod design experience along with Professor Gary Savage’s world leading knowledge in carbon composite technology to build what we believe to be the best fly rod ever made.

The fast recovery makes it easier to cast further with little effort. The Mackenzie FX1 blanks are built entirely in the UK using a unique process. A high pressure Auto Clave, a machine normally used to make parts for the motor racing and aerospace industries, removes more...

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The OPST lazar running lines, Commando heads and their amazing waterproof waist pack are back in-stock. The popular double handed rods from Mackenzie the 12,7ft #8 and 13,7ft #9 6-piece rods are also back in-stock. Crazy that these 6-peice travel rods are that good, the 12,7ft #8 is my favorite rod of all times! Just put a 510 Scandi compact or a 540 Skagit and let the good times begin. This rod is very light has a beautyful finish and an immense power reserve. But it still has a nice progressive taper with fast recovery... a rod that casts very nice en feels great when you're hooked up !


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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics better known as OPST are a group of Steelhead guides that made some amazing new products for Steelhead fishing an Fly Tying. OPST commando heads, lazar running line, Intruder shanks, Swing Hooks and many more revolutionary products. Enjoy this beautiful short movie they made...

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Awesome fish Kyle and good to hear you like your new Galvan Torque 10 reel !

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The market for 6-piece double handed rods is growing fast, more people are traveling around the globe every year to fish the most beautiful places on the planet. These day's airline companies are charging extra for taking a rod with you on the plane up to 75 euro one way. A travel rod will fix this problem for you, but are they good enough?

This question is easy to answer when you've fished with these rods like we did, YES they are amazing rods. Let me explain you why they are so great. Years ago when 2-piece rods were the norm we asked the same question about 4-piece rods. Now they are the standard and for a good number of reasons....

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  • Hook: Daiichi 2151 size #1 or #2
  • Thread: UNI 8/0 black
  • Rear body: Flat silver tinsel
  • Hot spot: Glo-Brite floss fluo pink
  • Front body: 5-6 peacock herls spun in a loop
  • Hackle: Guinea fowl feather purple
  • Wing: 2 Blue peacock feathers

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April Vokey explains why rhe is so great and how to use it...

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We had to wait some time for them, but the are finally here! Two new Mackenzie rods in the Atlas travel series. We love to travel with these 6-piece rods and they feel just like a 4-piece rod. The new additions are a 12.7ft #8 and the 11.4ft #8 switch rod. Both are what you would expect from a Mackenzie, great casting rods with a beautiful finish. It doesn't matter if you want to trow a shooting head or a skagit line with these rods, they do both equally well. If you are looking for a Steelhead, Seatrout or light Atlantic salmon rod that is easy to travel with look no further!

We expect the rods to arrive with in a few day's !

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Want to know which Spey line do you need?

Many people contact us with the question which spey line they need. In the following article I hope to inform you about which line is right for you. There is a big difference in swinging a large Intruder with lead eyes for winter Steelhead and hitching a tiny tube trying to entice an Atlantic salmon to rise and take your fly. Both methods ask for a very different type of spey line and tip. For example, the large heavy Intruder asks for a Skagit Compact line with a heavy Flo or Sink-Tip. You need this line for you to be able to even cast the fly to were the fish is. On the other hand the hitched...

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Coming soon!


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