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Maxima Ultra Green
De Ultra Green tippet van Maxima is de beste tippet voor Steelhead en Zalm, wordt ook veel gebruikt ..
€ 3,25
Maxima Fluorocarbon
De Fluorocarbon tippet van Maxima is van dezelfde hoge kwaliteit als de andere tippet varianten van ..
€ 7,95
Stroft ABR
Transparent Light Brown Polyamide Tippet Material. The abbreviation “ABR” stands for ..
€ 3,40
Stroft FC1
Stroft FC1 has an exceptionally high knot strength and the highest breaking strains that the EFTTA h..
€ 12,60
Stroft FC2
Stroft FC2 is a high quality, high knot strength Fluorocarbon. Stroft have paid particular a..
€ 6,20
Stroft GTM
A highly successful line throughout the globe, the Stroft GTM Monofil is incredibly strong and suppl..
€ 3,10
Stroft LS
Stroft LS is ideally suited for all fishing techniques in wich low stretch is required. A line with ..
€ 3,80
Stroft N
Stroft N is a really nice priced nylon with good breaking strength. perfect for making your own lead..
€ 3,40

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