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Guideline double sided silicone flybox
Double Side Silicone fly box consists of 4 models / sizes that have the same configuration. There is..
€ 17,99
Guideline slim tube fly box large
The boxes come in two sizes that fits into pockets of all our jackets, vests and carry systems. The ..
€ 12,99
Guideline Ultralight flybox XL
The Guideline XL Ultralight boxes are designed by us to fit the large flies used for coastal, salmon..
€ 28,99
Guideline Waterproof flybox
The boxes are very easy to open and has a larger grip on the locking mechanism than on&nbs..
€ 15,99
Slim Tube Fly Box
Slim tube Fly Box: heel handig deze Tubefly vliegendozen van Guideline! Verkrijgbaar in twee ve..
€ 7,29
Tube Fly Box
Deze Salar Tubefly Box van Guideline heeft 9 vakken. Perfect voor grote tubeflies voor Steelhead en ..
€ 14,79

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